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Savage State is a 2019 western about a French family desperately traveling through the country to escape the civil war.

Written and directed by the French filmmaker David Perrault (Heroes Are Dead Tonight). Produced by Sylvain Corbeil and Farer Lajimi.

In the French-Belgian-Canadian production Alice Isaas, Kevin Janssens, Deborah Francois and Bruno Todeschini can be seen.


When the American Civil War broke out, a family of French settlers left their home in Missouri to escape and return to Paris. Patriarch Edmond (Bruno Todeschini) is accompanied by his wife Madeleine (Constance Dollet), the maid Lila and their three daughters: Esther, Justine and Abigail.

Esther, the youngest, is irresistibly attracted to Victor, the former mercenary who accompanies her. This relationship quickly works like a poison within the tourist group, especially if Victor’s past catches up with him….

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Savage State is a piece of western greatness that we have had since Netflix became unholy. The film’s final confrontation is reminiscent of the events in the television series, in which women come together to fight against men in a fire of rage and gun smoke. The film is intoxicating and elegant in all its feminine glory. Daley Tot

…a small but incredibly unique film that shows that genres and film conventions can transcend boundaries and create hybrid films we’ve never thought of before… With a fierce bite and bold narrative choices, it becomes something I will remember for a long time. Elements of madness

Wild State is the story of a family fleeing the shackles of their gentle southern lifestyle when new rules and laws enacted by the conquerors of the Union threaten. There are elements of jealousy, violence and misery that express themselves completely and leave no character untouched. Many of the central actors first appear in one way or another, grow during the journey, and then evolve later in the story. Flick Hunter

Perrault’s film is much more a visual story than an emotional work. Although many of the characters are interesting, we feel an emotional distance to the story as a whole that does not really bring it to life as we hope… In general, Savage State is a film worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of the genre in which it finds new ideas. Soundtrack

Savage State is one of those movies that has nothing special to stop him, there is no fault that paralyzes the movie as a whole. It’s more about a few small mistakes and some kind of loophole that prevents the film from being more than good. Fags


Savage State premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2020. Samuel Goldwyn will play Savage State on the 29th. January 2021: broadcast in the United States on VOD.

The actors and characters:

Alice Isaas… Esther
Kevin Janssens … Victor
Deborah Francois… Justine
Bruno Todeschini … Edmond
Constance Dollet… Madeleine
Armel Abibu … Leila
Maureen Berthier … Abigail
Kate Moran… Betty
Pierre-Yves Cardinal… Samuel
Jerry DiGiacomo… Henry
Grégoire Colin… Monsieur de Lisle
Lee Delong… Miss Davis
Vincent Grass… Senior Chief
Mathieu Perotto… Women sold
to James Gerrard… Hotel Intendant

Original title:

The Wild State.

Technical details :

118 minutes
aspect ratio : 2.35 : 1



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