The soundtrack to The Waterman has been released. Al B. Sure! is one of the most energetic, hard-nosed and captivating albums I’ve heard in a while. The first track, ‘Catch the Wind’, is a catchy, jazzy number that makes the perfect opener for any movie. With a mixture of blues, funk and swing, Al B. Sure! is a welcoming sound and one that draws you into the action of the film. The re-mastered soundtrack is available now from iTunes (mp3).

The original soundtrack to The Water Man is now available on iTunes for only $0.99! The Water Man is the first movie from writer/director Eddie Albertson (Out of Darkness, The Christmas Star, The Rainmaker), and the soundtrack features an incredible selection of songs from several of today’s hottest artists, including one-two-three punch collaborations between The Gregory Brothers and Echosmith. The soundtrack is an original creation of the film, and includes four tracks from The Gregory Brothers, five from Echosmith, and a few more surprises throughout. Listen to all the tracks (and more) here. The Water Man is available on DVD and Blu-ray now, and this soundtrack will be released on April

The original score to the upcoming movie The Water Man is available now on iTunes and Amazon ahead of the film’s release on January 5, 2014. The soundtrack was written and performed by Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Ironman 3, GoT: The Complete Season 1).. Read more about the water man soundtrack and let us know what you think.

Last month, Lakeshore Records released the soundtrack to RLJE Films’ family adventure film Aquarius, the directorial debut of acclaimed actor David Oyelowo. The album features ethereal original music by Belgian composer Peter Baert, who also presents his first composition for a major Hollywood film. The soundtrack also features two original songs written and sung by Jessica Oyelowo, including the song My Son, which plays at the end of the credits. The soundtrack to The Water Man is available digitally to mark the release of the film in theaters in the United States.

The music of the film Aquarius is a mixture of classical orchestra, piano, percussion and electronics. Peter decided that the score should follow the journey of the main character, Gunner, who goes into the woods to save his sick mother. He treated the cries and sighs of the water man with long delays, modular instruments and tape echo to create The Water Man Synth. When David suggested that the music should have a maternal energy, Peter teamed up with a singer who had a similar maternal tone (Rosario Dawson) and created The Mother Synth.

David Oyelowo said: Music and sound in films have always been important to me, so I feel lucky to have met composer Peter Baert when that happened. Our paths first crossed when he was a sound engineer on another project I was working on in Belgium, and he had previously given me a demo of his compositions that I couldn’t miss. During the post-production of Aquarius I worked with another composer and as an experiment I added Peters music first and it worked perfectly. A week later he flew over, sat next to me in the editing room and so he became my composer. He had never made an English-language film before, and the tone suited him perfectly. We recorded at Galaxy, did all the sound design and mixing at Sony, and recorded again at Deluxe Hollywood.

Peter Baert talks about his experience with collaboration: David Oyelowo is a wonderful man and a talented storyteller. He took a big step forward by choosing me as a composer, and I felt his trust and guidance during our time together. Being in the editing room for a short time with David and editor Blue Murray was an amazing experience – I felt like I was part of something bigger.

Baert says the following about his musical inspirations: Aquarius’s heartwarming story took me back to two periods in my life. The first one reminded me of my early teenage years, when I always played with my friends in the neighborhood and had adventures in the nearby woods. The second continued until my mother and I were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2008. She’ll be gone in six months. Finally the music found me and I was glued to the screen. This wonderful story reflects what I have experienced in real life: Sometimes it’s better to let go and enjoy the time we have, rather than cling to it at all costs.


  1. Machine gun subject.
  2. Mary’s Lullaby
  3. Maternal medicine
  4. Find Joe.
  5. Question
  6. The history of Aquarius
  7. Fugitive
  8. Come into my office.
  9. Go into the woods
  10. First night
  11. Night Watch
  12. Candy
  13. Screaming wild horses
  14. Snow in July
  15. Second night.
  16. Lots of bugs.
  17. Morning
  18. The search for Amos
  19. Crossing the river
  20. A lot of nonsense.
  21. Getting Closer – The Waterman Rhyme (feat. Amiah Miller)
  22. Hut
  23. Hope is a powerful force
  24. Output
  25. Prayer
  26. My son is Jessica Oyelowo.
  27. What Love Does – Jessica Oyelowo

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