The original soundtrack for Quinceañera is now available to download in full. See the trailer for the short film below.

The first Quinceañero OSS (Original Motion Soundtrack) is out now, and it’s a refreshing, fun soundtrack that features a wide variety of sounds from the popular Mexican film. It’s available to stream on all major digital music platforms.

I can’t believe that I have been doing this for twenty-five years. This week, two of my songs were used in the new short film, “Quinceañero”. It is a movie that I wrote and directed. The film is about a group of quinceañeros in their twenties who get together to celebrate the quince (Latin: fifteen) their coming of age.. Read more about home: original motion picture soundtrack album songs and let us know what you think.

PHX Music has digitally released the soundtrack to Justin Floyd’s short film, the musical Quinceañero. The music was written by Max Arouge and Steffen Thum, the lyrics by Antonio Sol, and the songs are sung by the actors of the film. The album consists of eight richly melodic Latin songs, including the title track from the film Ve El Momento (See the Moment). The film recently premiered at the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (LALIFF) as part of the Latinx Inclusion Series, in partnership with Netflix.

Max Arouge is a composer born and raised in Los Angeles. His latest feature film is Crawlspace, produced by Sam Raimi and directed by Alexander Azha. Aruj joined the Assassin’s Creed universe in the recently released game Wrath of the Druids. This year also saw the release of Eitan Rockaway’s Lansky, starring Harvey Keitel, and Jonathan Hensley’s The Ice Road, starring Liam Neeson. Aruj co-produced the orchestral album Deluxe by the band Gryffin (2020). He wrote additional music for the film Mission: Impossible fell back for Lorne Balfe, and in the Corona series for Hans Zimmer and Rupert Gregson-Williams. Last year he wrote the additional music for the HBO movie His Dark Materials.

Steffen Thum is a composer for film, television, games, advertising and mixed media. He lives in Berlin. He has written music for such films as Crawl (Paramount) and iBoy (Netflix), and the television series This Is Football (Amazon) and Story of God (National Geographic). Steffen’s music can be heard in over 60 international productions, including Mission Impossible: Fallout, Bad Boys for Life, Ad Astra, The Lego Batman Movie, The Crown and His Dark Materials.

In this whimsical 20-minute musical, Gabrielle is about to turn 15. She has just celebrated her first birthday and dreams of her own quinceañera, a tradition reserved for girls. When his father, the keeper of tradition, turns against the quinceañero, the shy boy must rally his family to realize his dream.

Composer Max Arouge had this to say about it:

That director Justin Floyd trusted us to bring his vision to life in a new style was both exciting and frightening. But thanks to the great team of Steffen and Antonio, the process went smoothly. Also, writing a song like Ve El Momento was a first – I never thought I could do it, but here we are!

Steffen Toom added:

Writing a musical is a special challenge that goes far beyond writing a screenplay for a movie, as we have done before, so it was not an easy task. It was Justin’s vision and ambition that won us over, and Antonio’s experience was crucial in creating the right scripts. It all started from there, and our actors and dancers did a great job bringing the songs to life.

Track listing:

  1. Ve El Momento
  2. The magic of youth
  3. Vincenniere
  4. Can I
  5. My brother is my brother.
  6. Symphony at Q
  7. I’m proud of you.
  8. El Quinceañero

You can find the Quinceañero soundtrack album on iTunes here.

Let me know what you think of Quinceañero and his music in the comments below, and have a great day!

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