The 25th. In March, Netflix released a new original anime about DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, with a score by composer Dino Menegin (Teen Wolf, Lore), based on the popular online MOBA video game DOTA 2. Dino is best known for his television music for MTV Teen Wolf, an adaptation of the classic Michael J. Fox films. Fox, as well as several episodes of the original horror series Lore, which airs on Amazon Prime. In addition to his television work, Menegin has also signed with SNL alum Taran Killan to star in the comedy Gunther’s Murder with Arnold Schwarzenegger and in the short films Tower and Ball.

Although the series is set in the fantasy world of DOTA, the score is not the typical orchestral music of the genre. Composer Dino Minegin wanted a different score, more reminiscent of Tangerine Dream or old heavy metal cartoons. Manegin set about creating a totally unexpected score for the series, based on synthesizers and often abstract, but able to bring out the emotional weight of the story.

Speaking about his experience with the series, Menegin said.

DOTA has been one of the best musical experiences of my career so far. Ashley Miller, Netflix and Studio MIR worked together, were open and willing to take risks with the score. Getting the chance to dive so deep into the world that so many players and fans love was an incredible experience, and I hope viewers will see and hear all the love we put into it.

Music for DOTA : Dragon’s Blood is not what you would expect from a fantasy series. I was expecting a full orchestral experience, as is often the case with stories like this, but Menegin doesn’t go in that direction. Instead, he set up a rather cheap but complicated system. If you listen all the way through, there’s a hint of fantasy, but it’s not as big and lush as, say, Game of Thrones. No, the music is for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood….it almost reminds me of Blade Runner music, in spirit, if not in texture. The way the synths form the background of the melody really reminds me of this science fiction story, and that’s not a bad thing.

It may sound strange, but hearing synthesizers in the music made me think that maybe, in its own way, it was a tribute to DOTA’s digital roots as an online game. The synthesizers remind me of the virtual world from which DOTA emerged, and I love the way Menegin integrates artificial sounds into the musical score of DOTA : Dragon blood.

I really enjoyed the music of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood was a nice surprise and a movie everyone should see if they get the chance.

Let me know what you think of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood in the comments below and have a great day!

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