Before she became Spoiler, she was known as the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, and the sister of Cassandra Cain. Since the death of her parents, she has become a member of the Bat Family, including the Birds of Prey, the Outsiders, and she goes by the name of Batgirl. She is also a member of the Secret Six, and the government agency called Checkmate. She is also the former leader of the superhero team called the Teen Titans. She is also the founder of the superhero team called the Force of July.

Spoiler is a character in the Batman mythos who does what she can to protect the ones she loves, even if it means going against the Dark Knight himself. She’s a vigilante who outperforms both Batman and Robin, and as such has been seen as a threat over the years, but she’s also the daughter of the villain Cluemaster. So, what’s the deal with this character? Stephanie Brown was a college student when she was first introduced in Detective Comics. The daughter of a minor supervillain, she was working to put herself through school when she met Tim Drake, a.k.a. Robin. They fell in love and had a secret relationship until her father, Jack, blackmailed her into

I’m Back, and also various TV series, trailers and movies! Bit by bit, as usual, we will cover everything. Let’s start with Batwoman, who introduced two new characters this week. In I’ll Give You a Clue, we learn that Sophie Moore became a field agent for the Ravens when she solved the mystery of the Cluemaster and put him behind bars….. But she didn’t, because the credits mention the villain’s daughter, Stephanie Brown. She is played by Morgan Cohan. In the episode, she appears as a genius raised by her father to be his pointer and measure the difficulty of his riddles. Several lines in the episode play with the word spoiler, and that’s no coincidence, since spoiler is exactly his (first) alias in the comics. Let’s take a look together.

As a child, Stephanie Brown missed the phase when she fell in love with her father: She was born in Gotham City to Crystal, a caring nurse, and Arthur Brown, one of Gotham’s many third-rate villains, the Klumaster. Stephanie missed her father throughout her childhood, as he spent most of his life in Blackgate prison, where he was held by Batman for his crimes. Eventually Arthur went into therapy and rejoined the family, apparently to rehabilitate himself….. but Stephanie, as happy as she was at first, still didn’t quite trust him, and unfortunately it turned out that she was absolutely right. The Keymaster was cured, but not of his criminal tendencies, rather of his tendency to leave clues to the crimes he wanted to commit – that which always caught up with him. When she heard that Arthur was taking over his old job, and even more efficiently, Stephanie decided to do something about it, and created a spoiler mask: She tracked down Cluemaster to his secret hideout, learned his plans, and planted evidence so Batman and the GCPD could find him, despite his newly rehabilitated identity. In the process, she was found and confronted by Robin, who convinced her to join him to fight Cluemaster in a more direct way and help him stop her father. Things didn’t exactly go smoothly when Arthur nearly mauled Spoiler with an acid blister during a hostage situation: Only then did Batman tell her who the girl really was, and in shock, he let her go… … only to have her try to strangle him with a rope. Batman saves the Cluemaster and convinces Spoiler to let him live because she might be better than a vigilante assassin. She didn’t see as much potential in her as he did, but as always, the Dark Knight was right.

Theoretically, Spoiler’s days are over, as the Klumaster has stopped again. However, the damage they had done was enough: Crystal became depressed after her husband betrayed her trust again and became addicted to painkillers, which exacerbated Stephanie’s resentment of her father. It was only natural that when Klumaster escaped with the help of Kzonk and a second electrocautery, she put her suit back on to catch him. Again, she crossed paths with Robin, who didn’t have much patience with her at first… but , who began to enjoy her company more and more as they spent more time together. Cluemaster was defeated again, but Stephanie realized she had a greater responsibility to Gotham: If she could do what she did to track down her father, she can do the same to protect people, no matter who threatens her, without being some kind of specialized Cluemaster watchdog. She accepted Robin’s tutelage and became a fully fledged superheroine… …and her bond with Wonderboy grew stronger. Eventually a romantic relationship developed between them, but Stephanie was concerned about one thing: Robin clearly knew who she really was, but because he had to protect the Bat-family from possible leaks, he never revealed his own identity to her. Although this veil of secrecy was exciting and even fun at first, over time it became a major problem in their relationship. Meanwhile, despite his best efforts, Spoiler’s fate was tied to that of the Fence Master: She was kidnapped by her father’s henchman, Gully Carson, while Arthur was still behind bars, and this experience caused her to take her role as troublemaker more seriously. She trained even harder and even joined Robin and Green Arrow in their war against the street gangs. Gradually, she became a full member of the Bat-family… …but apparently never quite grown up enough to be fully accepted.

Stephanie Brown is a smart, cunning girl, full of enthusiasm for her new role as the town’s protector and burdened by a relentless grudge against her delinquent father. As a spoiler, she has no superhuman abilities, but she is an exceptional gymnast, and Robin and Batgirl have trained her in martial arts and parkour; she has several high-tech gadgets like trackers and grappling hooks, but most impressive is a camouflage device given to her by the Penguin that makes her completely invisible whenever she wants. Initially plotting a personal war against the Cloemaster, he gradually transforms into a true hero and accepts all the responsibilities that come with wearing the cape in Gotham.


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