The Survivor power rankings for episode 5 of Survivor 41

The survivor 41 winner is the name of a Survivor power ranking that has been published by Reality TV World. It was created by David Bloomberg and Jessica Liese.


The castaways on Survivor 41 resumed their quest to become the only survivor this week, and because the results were almost similar to last week’s, the power rankings won’t change much.

Keep in mind that these rankings are only based on the most recent episode and what has before it. I can’t foresee the future, but I’m certain that some of these players’ stock will plummet if there’s a swap, a merger, or anything else that “hasn’t occurred before” next week.

So, let’s get started.

Shan is number one. She has obviously dominated her tribe from Day 1 and continues to play a nasty game. She persuaded Genie (together with Ricard) not to unlock the idol this week! Then she opened it herself, and it was turned on during the immunity test. As a result, she now has an active idol for the next week. Shan was the focus of my warning above about these rankings being entirely based on this week. I know that if there’s a swap or a merge, she’ll only have Ricard, and they’ll both seem like big targets, having survived the annihilation of their tribe. In Week 5, though, she is the undisputed champion.

Evvie is number two. I believe Evvie will soon be in a better position than Shan, although she is now in second place. Evvie has the most solid connections and has Xander under her control. Evvie’s game is properly matched, in my opinion. Shan and Evvie teaming together at merge is a very exciting idea…

3. The city of Sydney. We didn’t see much of Sydney last week, so I’ll simply repeat what I stated last week as to why she’s still in third place.

I was like, “Oh no, she’s going to plummet in my power rankings,” as soon as Erika told us she was going after Sydney. But then I realized how much she had her tribe’s males wrapped around her little finger. I’m not sure whether it’s because they don’t want to face her fury or if she has some sort of hidden power, but Erika, not Sydney, became the target in the end. So much so that some of the Luvu Tribe’s males attempted to organize a challenge to persuade her to leave.

Liana is number four. Because of the entire rummaging through Xander’s luggage incident and reading all about his hero, I’m giving Liana a boost this week. She then walked out with Shan to take advantage of the Knowledge is Power advantage. This is beginning to sound like a contemporary Big Brother, and I’m becoming a little nervous. In any case, if she correctly guesses who possesses an idol or advantage, she may steal it from them. If she questions them, they must speak the truth.

Tiffany is number five. Tiffany is in fifth place this week solely because of how she portrayed Xander (and for those facial expressions she made for the cameras).

Deshawn is number six. Deshawn also receives a pair of boots this week. He benefits greatly from his closeness to Sydney, and now he and the other males in his tribe have cemented their alliance after thinking the ladies would flee this season (psst, they have already done so!)

Naseer is number seven. He is promoted for the same reason Deshawn is promoted. Naseer, on the other hand, has that now-active idol. So he’s got some serious clout this week. I nearly put him ahead of Deshawn since he refused to toss the competition this week (and last week unknowingly). Let’s just say he and Deshawn have a symbiotic relationship.

Danny is number eight. And, since I want to place Ricard lower, I’m going to put Danny in this position because he’s now involved with the other two men.

Ricard is number nine. Ricard may believe he is all-powerful, and he was in his tribe, but his tribe is no more. And something is afoot this week, so he, together with Shan, will seem to be a big danger. But here’s the thing: Shan is a much more skilled manipulator than he is, and she possesses the idol. So, if they’re a target pair, he’ll be the one to die.

Xander is number ten. I believe Xander will be in serious danger soon, but he does now have that active idol. But, given how horribly he lied to Tiffany, and the fact that Liana has that edge steal power, he may soon be without one.

Erika is number eleven. I believe Erika will still be in danger since Sydney is aware that she is pursuing her. So, along with Heather, I’m going to leave her here at the bottom.

Heather is number thirteen. We didn’t see much of Heather this week, so all I have to go on is last week’s disastrous competition performance. So she’ll keep her bottom up this week, and perhaps until I find a cause to lift her up.

Genie is booted. If she hadn’t been voted out, I would have ranked her 13th given the way she rushed to Shan and Ricard after discovering the idol and then let them persuade her not to open it. Because of Genie’s poor performance, Heather would have received a respite.

After week 5, how would you rank the Survivor 41 players?

The survivor 41 cast reveal is a blog post that includes the power rankings after episode 5 on Survivor.

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