Bold and Beautiful spoilers reveal that Los Angeles’ Katie Logan (Heather Tom) will never take Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) back after she finds out what he did to protect his son Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) in upcoming episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful!

Bold and beautiful spoilers and rumors – Bill Spencer took over to hide how Vinnie Walker really died

Viewers of The Bold and The Beautiful will remember a panicked Liam realizing he ran over Vinny Walker (Joe LoCicero) with his car as he and Dollar Bill drove home from Hope Logan Spencer’s (Annika Noel) cabin. It was clearly an accident when Winnie, dressed in dark clothes, drove ahead of them on a dark road on a dark night. But Dollar Bill was sure that Liam would spend the rest of his life in prison because everyone, including the police, would think that Liam had deliberately hit Winnie! Liam wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to call 911, even though Vinnie turned out to be dead.

The paramedics could have done something for Vinnie, maybe gotten his heart beating again. But then Liam fainted, and Bill put him in the car, and Liam didn’t know what had happened until he woke up and his father told him that he had arranged everything to keep Liam safe! Liam was right and Bill was clearly wrong. The attacker doesn’t call 911 to get help for the person he killed! When Liam woke up, the argument continued. Liam told his father that he didn’t understand why he had done what he had done. There would have been no problem, but Bill said the car and tires got to him, he got rid of Vinnie’s cell phone and wallet (which he threw over the bridge without wiping his fingerprints off!), and the police never connected Liam to the crime!

Spoilers and rumors – Dr. John Finn Finnegan finds Vinnie Walker’s body in the morgue.

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful will remember that it was Dr. John Finn Finnegan (Tanner Nowlan) who found Winnie’s body in the morgue! He was talking to the coroner at the scene about training when she told him she was upset about her current case, that an unknown man had hit her and run off without identification. As she adjusted the sheet over her face, Finn saw her, startled, and said: Winnie? ! He just spoke with Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noel) in her office at Forrester Creations, where she called him in for a forgiveness meeting. After he left, she exchanged text messages with Liam, who told her something had happened and he couldn’t give them a lunch date, which was at Bill’s insistence! But Liam was so upset and so guilty about taking a human life, he couldn’t face Hope. Hope got a call to help identify Winnie’s body, and it was probably Finn who arranged it.

Bold and beautiful coming and going: Joe LoCicero says: B&B Outlet

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The news that the victim of the Bel-Air hit-and-run was Vinny Walker will make the rounds among the Spencer, Forrester and Logan families, and Dollar Bill will continue to try to hide what really happened, but eventually the truth will come out – Vinny’s phone and wallet will be found by someone, maybe the police, and then Bill himself will be the man who will be held responsible! To solve the problems he created for himself, Bill may have to tell the truth about what he did and why, and Katie Logan will be shocked at how her husband handled what was merely an accident! If this is how he defended his adult son, who was innocent to begin with, how would he react if it was their son Will Spencer (Finnegan George)? In an effort to protect Liam from the consequences of what was actually an accident, Bill now risks losing everything – Katie will never take him back!

Stay tuned for more news, updates and events in The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers!

frequently asked questions

Is Katie dying in The Bold and the Beautiful?

Originally, Katie was fitted with a heart-lung machine until Storm committed suicide to give Katie his heart. After defibrillation, Katie’s donor heart began beating and she was alive thanks to her brother’s heart.

Who’s leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

Steffy Forrester comes out of the closet in 2021 – Jacqueline MacInnes Wood comes out of the closet in Bold and Beautiful (Behind the Beat) Steffy also comes out of the closet in B&B Casting News next year, as Jacqui goes on maternity leave in about five weeks.

Flo donates a kidney to Kathy Bold and Beautiful?

There was a lot of pain and suffering, and there still is. B&B spoilers reveal that once Flo hears about Katie’s health crisis, she wants to help her. When she discovers she is a match, she decides to donate Katie’s kidney. But there is one condition: the donation must be anonymous.

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