Zoe Buckingham (Ciara Barnes).

The spoilers of Bold and beautiful reveal that Zoe Buckingham (Ciara Barnes) is totally in love with Zende Forrester (Delon de Metz). But at Forrester’s Christmas party he does something that makes him realize who the shadowy designer really is. Read the following to find out what Zende does and why she annoys Zoe to the end.

Beautiful and brave spoilers – the work of Zoe Buckingham

B&B spoilers reveal that after Phi Bet’s fallout, Zoe tried to make up for it and get her life back. She was unemployed, blacklisted at every fashion house in Los Angeles, dumped by her boyfriend and homeless. So when she had the chance to give it all back, she took it.

After working hard, trying to make up for it and proving that she can be trusted, she goes somewhere. For Zoe, working with Hope Logan (Annika Noel) on her clothing line is a huge achievement. She feels that all the opportunities available to her are a reward for her hard work.

B&B Spoiler – ForresterChristmas party

The Forrester family will have their annual Christmas next week. In addition to family members, there will also be regular visitors. However, Zoe will be there as the wife of Carter Walton (Lawrence St. Victor). Of course Zende will be there, but the man he brings as a guest makes Zoe furious.

Nice, daring spoilers: Paris a Zende – Zoé is attached to Carter https://t.co/5OCrS3Biaq pic.twitter.com/f4bItfgKJh

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 19 December 2020

Greasy and beautiful Spoiler – Sending Forrester Greasy Train

The daring and beautiful spoilers show that Zende continues to talk about the specific character of Zoé. He keeps doing that, even after he’s learned she’s engaged to his best friend. Zoe thinks they have a special bond, they are practically best friends and even consider him a soul mate. But his admiration for the Creator will crumble. At Forrester’s Christmas party she looked at him with total disgust and contempt. What changes all of a sudden?

The fact that he brought Paris Buckingham (Diamond White) to the party. That Zoe had to work so hard to get to the party, but Paris is doing everything he can to get there. But that’s not the only thing pushing Zoey over the wall. It’s like Zende talks to him softly one moment, and the next moment he starts talking about his sister. It seems that Zende has finally shown her player’s card.

B&B Spoiler – sibling Rivalry

The whole situation is complicated because Zoe doesn’t have the right to be jealous because she’s the one who’s marrying Carter. But Zende is a player and always seems to be making trouble. Moreover, it is understandable that Paris is jealous of all those A-list invitations that Zoe had to work so hard for. It’s getting to the point where Zoey wants her sister out… not just from the party, but from L.A. But Paris isn’t going anywhere.

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