The Eurocrypt from the Christopher Lee collection will be released on May 25, 2021. The nine-disc set includes five films, a series of anthologies, eight Blu-rays, a CD and an 88-page coffee table book by Lee’s biographer, Jonathan Rigby.

Blurb from Severin Films: “He remains one of the most beloved horror/fantasy icons in the history of American pop culture, but Christopher Lee delivered some of the most fascinating, famous and bizarre performances of his career in 1960s Europe. Christopher Lee’s Eurocrypt collection brings together five of Lee’s classics: the 1964 gothic clash, The Vampire Crypt, also known as the Crypt of Terror; the 1964 cult hit, Castle of the Living Dead, starring the unknown Donald Sutherland; the famous 1962 Sherlock Holmes and The Suicide Necklace; Dr. Sadism’s Torture Chamber, aka The Walking Dead’s Castle; and the rare 1963 The Devil’s Challenge – with 24 surviving episodes of Lee’s 1971 anthology series The Polish Film, The Macabre Theatre, all restored from the original negatives with over 10 hours of trailers, rare promos, audio commentaries &. Interviews from the time, plus the Castle of the Living Dead soundtrack and a brand new 88 page book by Lee’s biographer, Jonathan Rigby, Christopher Lee – The Continental Connection.

Диск 1: The Castle of the
4K scan of an
Italian negativeAudio commentary by film historians Nathaniel Thompson and Troy
HowarthAudio commentary by Kat EllingerInterview with
producer Paul MaslanskyThe
Castle of the Mysterious Man – Роберто, авторThe non-conformists of Italian cinema, via director Warren Kiefer.

Disc 2: The Devil’s Challenge (aka Catarsis)
New 2K scan of the Italian negativeInterview with
Roberto Curti, author of Mavericks Italian CinemaInterview with
actor Giorgio Ardisson about two decadesTrailer

Disc 3: Vampire AKA Horror CryptNew
2K Fine Grain 35mm Scanner Master Printer

Disc 4: Sherlock Holmes and the Necklace of DeathNew
2K scan of the
German negativeAudio commentary by film historians Kim Newman and Barry Forshaw.

Recordings 5 and 6: Theatre MacabreChristophe
Lee presented this anthological television series, originally
by Film Polski (Knife in the Water, Tin Drum) in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s Presents and Boris Karloff’s Thriller. Every half hour Lee makes an introduction and an exit in his majestic and often brutal film. The stories themselves – based on tales by Poe, Dostoevsky, Ambrose Beers, Robert Louis Stevenson and Oscar Wilde – were written and/or directed by directors such as Andrzej Zulawski (“Possession”) and Andrzej Wajda (“The Iron Man”). Translated into English and featuring “additional dialogue” by Jesse Lasky Jr. (7 Women from Hell) with a new musical theme by Ron Goodwin (The Village of the Damned; Madness), it has gone virtually unnoticed since its brief airing on American television in 1971. These twenty-four surviving episodes have been scanned in 2K from the
original negativeDisc
specifications :
Duration : 610 minAudio
: English mono / Closed captioning
Surface FreeAspect
Ratio : 1.33:1New
2K scan from original negativesPromo
featuring host Christopher Lee.

Disc 7: Dr. Torture Chamber Sadism aka Castle of the Walking
4K scan of the
original German negativeAudio commentary by film historians Nathaniel Thompson and Troy
HowarthAudio interview with actress Karin
DorePresentation filmGerman Theatrical TrailerDie Schlangengrube – Die Burg des Grauens Die Burg des Grauens – German Super 8 digest shortDie Schlangengrube des Grafen Dracula – German Super 8 digest
shortPoster GalleryBehin… Fixed
gallerySlideshow restorationSlideshow

Disc 8: Features:
The horror !!! – Short 1964 documentary starring Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Roger Corman and Roy Ashton (16 min.)
Behind the Mask is a remake of the unfinished 1991 documentary in which Christopher Lee reminisces about Boris Karloff (34 min
)1976 Belgian television interview of Christopher Lee by Selim Sassoon (52 min.
)1976 Interview of Christopher Lee by Colin Grimshaw (16 min)
Audio interview with Christopher Lee accompanied by photos from the Del Valle archives and a video presentation with David Del Valle (20 min
)Interview with horror film historian Alan Frank (15 min.
)The crypt keepers : Recordings from the Vampire Crypt Libraries with writer Ernesto Gastaldi, assistant director Tonino Valeri and film historian Fabio Melelli (34 min)
“O Sole Mio / It’s now or never” and “She’s going down for me” – Christopher Lee & Music excerpts with additional commentary by Gary CurtisThe
distinguished Sir Christopher with filmmaker Philip Mora remembers2001 Christopher
Lee interview session outtakes (15 min)2011
University College Dublin Q&Ao included :

Castle of the Living Dead Soundtrack-CD van Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Chimes at Midnight, Gorgo)

Christopher Lee: The Continental Connection: an 88-page booklet written by Lee’s biographer, Jonathan Rigby (Euro Gothic).

Available from Severin Films

That’s what it looks like:

Euro-Gothic: A Continental Horror Film Classic – Book, 2016.

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