Flash returned and watched as the team helped rebuild Central City after Eve’s destruction. Still recovering, everyone is working together to make things right again. In addition, Iris is ready to get back to work and is preparing to bring Citizen back on board. Of course, how do you make something work without adding meta? More like the appearance of Abra Kadabra?

As the city is rebuilt, we see various members of the fFash team helping with the construction. Although Caitlin is helping, she’s not feeling well, and it might have something to do with Frost. While trying to deal with her headache, Allegra works with Iris at the newspaper.

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Although she is troubled by Iris’ work on Eva’s journey in Central City, she tells her boss that she too must fit into the story. His experience can help anyone who has ever watched their loved ones interact with their look-alikes.

Meanwhile, a methamphetamine called Abra Kadabra resurfaces in Central City as the city tries to recover. Barry and Cisco try to stop him, but he makes cryptic comments to Barry about a certain Cronarch before Frost arrives to save the day.

While Cisco and Chester try to figure out what Cadabra has created with his nanotechnology, Frost and Caitlin work together to figure out what’s going on with the headache. With so much going on, Abra Kadabra is back and that’s a lot for her to handle.

Eventually, Barry discovers that Cadabra has set them up by allowing himself to be captured by A.R.G.U.S.. He wanted to obtain the three remaining spheres to build an antimatter device with which he could destroy the city.

Barry feels guilty about missing an obvious trick and has a heart-to-heart with Iris. This is the first time we really see a distraught Barry who no longer sees the iris mirror for what it was. He feels guilty for dating a cheater and not seeing that it wasn’t his Iris. Iris, however, remains her incredible self and lets Barry know she’s not mad at him. This is not only an important moment for him, but also for Iris, who also has problems with her feelings because of the mirror verse. As the episode progresses, they both realize that they must accept what has happened in order to move on.

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His conversation with Iris helps Barry understand why Cadabra wants to destroy the city. In the future, Cadabra receives a device that restores his memories of life before the crisis, after he begins to dream about the family he doesn’t know. When he realized that he had lost his family to Barry, he decided to destroy the city.

Before the city is destroyed, Barry can reach Cadabra. He manages to keep her from making a terrible mistake, but not before they are attacked by a mysterious meta with incredible strength and power that even Cadabra and Barry together cannot stop.

Unfortunately, the confrontation leads to Kadabra’s death, which is unfortunate for many reasons. Not just because everything was settled or almost settled with Barry, but because he had no chance to be what he could be.

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With an unknown methamphetamine on the run, the team must deal with the consequences. But they got through it together. Iris even went back to the support group for those caught in the mirror verse. Allegra also joins them and sees Iris talking about how they overcame the trauma they all endured.

Of course, it’s not that easy for Team Flash. Sisko is shocked when Caitlin comes to tell him the news. She and Frost were able to separate into two people!

How did this happen? And who is this mysterious meta that has far more power than the Hulk himself? Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments!

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