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Bouncing back from last week’s creepy-as-hell “Null and Annoyed,” the Flash returned to its usual lighthearted tone. But don’t worry, there was still plenty of darkness to go around, as the events of the night before came back to bite Barry, Iris, and the rest of the team in surprising— and sometimes heartbreaking—ways.

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash attempt to return the Flashpoint timeline to normal after realizing they created another monster in Tuesday’s all-new episode of The Flash. In this week’s episode, “Timeless,” after Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team at STAR Labs accidentally travel back in time and change something in the past, they begin to wonder if the smartest person on the planet has gone completely off the rails.

Flash made a direct connection to the previous episode by recounting the events that led to Alexa’s death at the hands of Nora and, technically, Barry. Barry no longer sees Nora as an ally and will do anything to stop her from killing more troops. However, one person is not sure if this is the right way to go. Iris still thinks there’s a chance she can be persuaded, just like Abra Kadabra. Let’s see what happened at Timeless.

Barry decides he wants to go back in time to prevent the birth of other forces. After confirming that Iris and Barry created a force that night when they fought the Mirror Monarch, he wants to go back in time to stop them. However, Iris doesn’t want to risk Barry losing his powers if they also prevent the return of the Speed Force.

With the new camera Cisco bought for Camille to protect her from the forces of speed, she, Iris and Allegra think they can use Iris’ kinetic energy to find Nora. They know Barry and Iris are connected to the forces and can use that to help them.

Image via The CW

After figuring out how to stop him from creating power, Barry decides to find Wells the Timeless. It takes place in the year 2000, when Wells is spending a day off with his wife Tess.

Before they can begin to change what happened almost three weeks ago, Deon shows up, probably because of his connection to Barry. When he learns that Barry created him, he is upset that he is considered a mistake to be fixed. Although Barry tells him he wants to save him, Deon refuses and destroys the armor that would be used for the time travel device.

But after thinking about Iris’ words and learning how Deon felt, Cisco begins to realize that this may not be the right decision for them. Yes, they want to stop Nora, but is changing the makeup of the corps the right way to do that? Chester and Cisco begin to think alike, and although Harrison agrees to follow Barry, he advises him to think carefully about his decision.

Barry is quite stubborn and wants to do things his way. But, as we know, he feels betrayed, and it is often difficult to see past these feelings. Luckily, someone comes along to bring Barry to his senses. Joe reminds Barry that he can act differently by helping those in power instead of trying to save them.

Image via The CW

While all this is going on, the girls are looking for Nora. Eventually, they decide to check out Allen’s old house, but when they get there, they find Psyche. While Iris tries to reach him, Barry travels back in time.

But once he gets the particles and the powers are dead, he watches as the powers are created in the past. Joe’s words come back to him, and he realizes he can’t get rid of them. It destroys the device and allows the power to return.

Barry and Iris meet and now understand each other’s point of view. However, Barry sides with Iris and tells her that they should keep trying to reach out to the powers that be, as her parents would have done.

Their conversation is interrupted when they feel a sudden shock. Somehow their connection brought Alex back to life for a moment. They use their combined energy to reboot the heart and bring it back to life.

Meanwhile, Deon is running around when Nora finds him. Will he manage to escape before she can kill again?

Cisco also made a decision about its future in this episode. He and Camille both want to leave Central City and go to San Francisco. After it was announced that actors Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh are leaving the series, it looks like the series will continue. It’s sad to see them go, but knowing that Cisco and Camille will be safe is something to look forward to.

What do you think of Cisco’s big decision? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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