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Sherlock Holmes’ scariest adventure!

The Baskerville Dog is a British detective film from 1958 about Sherlock Holmes investigating an old family curse.

Directed by Terence Fisher from a scenario by Peter Bryan based on the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, the adaptation by Hammer Peter Cushing, Andre Morell, Christopher Lee and Marla Lundy can be seen. Produced by Anthony Hinds and Kenneth Hyman.


In London, Dr Richard Mortimer asks Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to investigate the death of his friend Sir Charles Baskerville at Dartmoor. He died of heart failure and lies on the moors around his estate, Baskerville Hall. Mortimer thinks his good friend was afraid of a vision of a ghost dog, just like he was Sir Charles’ ancestor, the angry Sir Hugo, centuries before….. centuries before.

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Production designer Bernard Robinson did a great job creating this sinister terrain full of fog, mist and hellish atmosphere. Each new scene in these swamps turns out to be more disturbing than the previous one, resulting in a finale that will put you on the edge of your nerves. 2,500 Film Contest

Andre Morell is one of the strongest and most realistic Watsons in history; there is nothing scary about Nigel Bruce in this role, no comic element. He’s direct, heroic in his own way. But the triumph of the film was Peter Cushing’s choice as Sherlock Holmes. Cushing’s Holmes is flamboyant, dynamic and arrogant; the actor doesn’t even try to make Holmes sympathetic, but plays the character exactly as Doyle wrote him. AllMovie

The Hound of the Baskervilles is perhaps one of the most famous stories of Sherlock Holmes.  Of course, the film takes some liberties with the plot to reinforce the horror and mystery, but keeps the main themes and plot ideas (with bonus scenes like in the mine and scenes with tarantulas). Cellar installations

Moreover, Dr. Watson is not an awkward actor in this film from the Rathbone films, although he is certainly closer to Doyle’s original concept. The film is in a strong mood, with an impressive and luxurious production design, although the climax is probably a bit unintentionally funny due to some thoughtful choices about how to deal with the big revelation about the main character. Blu-ray.com.

The Baskerville Dog is one of Hammer’s best movies, with first class actors, beautiful sets and a great gothic crime story that never grows old. Fisher’s management is good, the production values are excellent and Peter Cushing, as the Sherlock Holmes he was clearly born, is heartbreaking. Andre Morell does an excellent job presenting Dr. Watson as the human counterpart to the more academic personality of Holm…… Drawing: Overview

…All the possibilities of entertainment in this multi-party are lost here in a web of blood, love and background music. Monthly Journal of Cinematography, 1959.

…We appreciate Peter Cushing as a sudden home, you also have moments of terror, from deadly spiders to, of course, mystery, I won’t say anything if you don’t know to look for yourself. Of course horror is less present compared to modern horror films, but thanks to Terence Fisher’s directing style it still has a dangerous impact. A scene from the movie

…It helps that they have a rich narrative in Doyle’s classic text, allowing screenwriter Peter Bryan to give his actors a script with intelligent dialogue and skilled characters, making the film more captivating than some other Hammer productions. Central is the direction of Fisher, who creates an amazing theatrical universe on screen, and the performances of Cushing (who moves away from the mischievous miscalculation of the great Moff Tarkin in Star Wars as the dashing Holmes), Morell and Lee, who underpin Doyle’s story with great emotion. Soundtrack

Director Terence Fisher and his cast are dynamic actors; André Morel is a reliable Watson, but Holmes de Cushing is a man with an exceptionally active mind, full of energy and enthusiasm for the mystery, although, like his Van Helsing, he has a strong sense of morality and is more than a little obsessive [….] All the others are well chosen, only Marla Lundy in the role of the peasant girl is strangely added because of her hastily declared Spanish accent. Rotate the image

The image has a very good cinematic quality and the production is as sumptuous as one would expect from Hammer, while Fisher does a great job to bring everything to life. There were differences between the book and the film, as with any film, but in the end Hammer can boast of having made one of the best film adaptations of Doyle’s work. A fantastic spirit

Thanks to director Terence Fisher, filmmaker Jack Asher and production designer Bernard Robinson, The Bogs has a beautiful atmosphere, the interiors are bathed in pure, rich colours, the mystery lingers. Cushing is as big as Holmes, Lee is as big as Baskerville. And then there’s the excellent evaluation of James Bernard. One of the best watches in Hammer. The horror trap

Hammer applied his usual values of sumptuous production to this Holmes effort, infusing the unfortunately claustrophobic setting (the film was shot in a suburban studio that was actually a big house) with precise historical details and creating an unforgettable scary swamp. The film is a bit of a disappointment, but the colour and production values cross him, as do the performances of Cushing and Lee. tv guide.

The actors and characters:

Peter Cushing… Sherlock Holmes
Andre Morel… Dr. Watson (as Andre Morel)
Christopher Lee… Sir Henry Baskerville
Marla Lundy… Cécile
David Oxley… Sir Hugo
Francis de Wolfe… Dr. Mortimer
Miles Malleson… Bishop
Ewan Solon … Stapleton
John Le Mesurier… Barrymore
Helen Goss… Mrs. Barrymore
Sam Kidd… Perkins
Michael Hawkins… Lord Caphill
Judy means… Jack
Michael Mulcaster…
The convicted David Birks… Servant of God Elizabeth… Ms. Goodlippe (not accredited)
Ian Huisson … Lord Kingsblood (not credited)

Shooting locations:

Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire, England (Studio)
Chobham Common, Surrey, England
Frensham Ponds, Farnham, Surrey, England

Recording data :

13. September 1958 – 31. October 1958

Technical details :

87 min
Technical Colour
Aspect Ratio : 1.66 : 1
Audio : Mono (RCA audio recording)


BIG BRITAIN: The first one was on the 28th. March at the London Pavilion, with a wider exit on the 4th. May 1959.

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