The masked singer reached the finals after showing several famous singers in their masks for several weeks. In the semifinals the two remaining singers from groups A, B and C met in person to see who would be exposed and who would make it to the finals. Before starting, the guest jury for the evening was introduced by actor and comedian Craig Robinson, who experienced the show first hand. The Super-Six.jpg Photo on FOX

The first was the seahorse versus the crocodile. The seahorse gave him all this back, while it made him believe it was a telescope. The judges and the host of the show also told us that she was associated with Nick Cannon. According to Sea Skate, he once played with his owner in a different way.

After another demolition of the house Crocodile was next and he proved he wanted to stay. We’re still on the Nick Carter train, because his singing was really exceptional in this gig. I don’t want to miss a single thing Aerosmith did. His big tip was a pizza with a rat eating a slice while he was tied up with Craig Robinson, who appeared in the movie with him. The judges seemed to be approaching Carter, but they had other boy bands in mind, including Nick Lachy.

In the end the Crocodile won the insinuations and made it to the finals, while the seahorse was finally released to unmask singer Tori Kelly. The Super-Six.jpg Photo on FOX

When one group fell, we had another that fell off with Medusa versus Mushroom. At Mushroom we saw the watch and that it was connected to right Robin Tick. We’re still scratching our heads with it. After an exciting performance Mushroom Jellyfish performed out of fear for the whole stage and the audience. His clue points to the Eiffel Tower and the connection to Ken Chen.

The fungus was declared the winner of the event, after which the jellyfish was unmasked as Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim. Jung was happy that he had evaluated the young woman well. It was also very funny to see that Kim once got DM’d Jeong but never got an answer! Maybe at least he’s saying hello now, even though he’s two years late. The Super-Six.jpg semifinal image via FOX

Eventually the sun and popcorn came out and proved that they both wanted to reach the finals.

Popcorn came first, and her clue was a stop sign, and she was connected to Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg. Then the sun came in and gave us a clue how to spit fire. Her connection to Nicole Scherzinger, whom she once met in the bathroom. Clearly, it’s not as easy as for many women talking in the bathroom.

And who made it to the finals with Crocodile and Mushrooms? Only the sun has reached the end. So the popcorn was exposed under the name Taylor Dane. The Super-Six.jpg Semi-Final Image via FOX

It really was an epic performance, and I don’t think anyone would fall for it! With the finals we still don’t know for sure who the sun and the mushroom are. However, the crocodile is still convinced that it is Nick Carter, and I would be surprised if it wasn’t so.

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