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The mistress of murder!

Spiderwoman is an American thriller from 1943 in which Sherlock Holmes investigates a series of alleged suicides in his pyjamas. Super Satellite soon learns that the evil woman behind this mysterious death is as cunning as her archenemy Moriarty and as poisonous as a real spider.

Produced and directed by Roy William Neill from a script by Bertram Millhauser based on characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle, Universal Pictures includes Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce, Gale Sondergaard, Dennis Howe, Vernon Downing and Mary Gordon.

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The mystery itself is quite solid, but that is not necessarily the purpose of these adventures of Holmes. This is not a puzzle game like the adaptation of Agatha Christie, where there is a clear set of clues and a limited number of suspects, but rather a fascinating story that takes you on her incredible journey – a true adventure. 100 films a year

Spiderwoman presents a deliciously entertaining trick by Gail Sondergaard, who has almost always been able to make evil dangerously seductive and attractive. Roy William Neill stages with his usual efficiency and, as always, finds the time to produce a surprising number of shots that show flair and ingenuity. All in all, Spiderwoman had a mysterious time. All movies (1)

Full of humour and devilishly clever turns (including an autistic dwarf!), Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman is one of the best films in the Universal Holmes series. The best part: After being asked to keep a low profile, Inspector Lestrade (Dennis Howie) solemnly rolls his eyes and starts whistling loudly – after which Dr. Watson discreetly covers him, Lestrade, not without enthusiasm. All movies (2)

Just when you think that nothing will be weird anymore, there is a twist to the plot with the dwarf Holmes calling the creature in the trunk. Yes, between Holmes’ brown make-up and the treatment of the dwarf as a kind of subhuman, this film seems a bit racist by contemporary standards. It’s still an eccentric entrance you can’t miss. Blu-ray.com.

Spadding proves to be a tough opponent, as even Holmes admits to Dr. Watson’s Nigel Bruce: If you ever see me get arrogant again and think I’m smarter than Adrea Spadding, whisper to me: Dwarf. Sondergaard is remarkable, flirts with Rathbone in the scenes, and other treats in the film include Dennis Howie’s Inspector Lestrade and Mary Gordon’s Mrs de Mary. Hudson. Derek Winner.

It is very boring, there is no mystery to solve, not much excitement, and while the filmmakers feel a little sensation with the murder weapon of the creeping species, the described horror is never really seen. The actors don’t seem excited either. I have been told that Rathbone got tired of the character at one point, and perhaps that discomfort manifests itself here…. Electronic film review

Millhauser’s scenario threatens no mistake in an increasingly obscure plot that pushes Neill in a fast and reckless direction. So much happens in 62 minutes of film that you can’t catch your breath, not to mention the more enigmatic plot points…. EOFFTV overview

With arachnids, the alleged death of Holmes, a stupid and scary boy, and a last nail in a carnival driver prefiguring the diabolical traps of Jigsaw, Spider-Woman throws a lot on the wall, and almost everything gets stuck. The length of the show – 63 minutes, period – is useful, but the emphasis on comedy keeps you from getting close to boredom. Gun attack

…might as well have been in Conan Doyle’s time. The film borrows elements from several of his stories and portrays Gale Sondergaard as a villain. The best part of the film is the fast direction of Roy William Neal. It is a memorable end of the fair, but the story is not the strongest part of the film. Hedmark

Spiderwoman remains one of the best in the Sherlock Holmes series. He generously borrows from several Conan Doyle stories, so it can’t be considered a direct adaptation, but he does so to filmmaker Holmes his first formidable female opponent – a woman Moriarty, to quote Holmes. Naturalist! It’s crazy! Awesome!

With large, poisonous spiders and an obvious baby killer, Spider-Woman has a welcome twist, and the rhythm moves like a modern TV series from one deadly feat to another, including an ingenious way to get Holmes and Watson out of the bad guys in their own apartment. The film shows Rathbone and Bruce in their most typical and endearing form and is rightly considered one of the gems of this series of film adaptations. Rotate the image

The actors and characters:

Basil Rathbone… Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce… Dr. Watson
Gail Sondergaard… Adrea Speeding
Dennis Howie… Lestrade
Vernon Downing… Norman Locke
Alec Craig… Radlik
Arthur Khohl … Gilflower
Mary Gordon… Mrs. Hudson
Jimmy Aubrey… News Seller (not accredited)
Brandon Beach … Carnival pattern (not credited)
Frank Benson … Visit to Doll Toy (not credited)
Lydia Billbrook … Susan (not credited)
John Burton … Radio Announcer (not credited)
James Carlyle … Casino Patron (not credited)
Harry Cording … Fred Garvin (unaccredited)
Jack Deery … Casino Patron (not credited)
Herschel Graham … Casino client (not accredited)
Teddy Infour … Larry (not credited)
George Kirby… Newspaper seller (not accredited)
Ethelreda Leopold … Casino Patron (not credited)
Stanley Logan … Robert (unaccredited)
Wilbur Mac … Casino Patron (not credited)
Maurice Marks … Carnival pattern (not credited)
John C. McCallum … Carnival pattern (not credited)
Robert Milash … Carnival Barker (not accredited)
Belle Mitchell … Soothsayer (not credited)
Edmund Mortimer … Casino Patron (not credited)
William H. O’Brien William H. O’Brien … Bouncer (not accredited)
John Roach … Casino Croupier (not credited)
Angelo Rossitto … Obongo – Pygmies (not credited)
Gene Roth … Henchman Taylor (unaccredited)
Edith Russell … Carnival pattern (not credited)
Arthur Stanning … Player (not credited)
Donald Stewart . Artie is an attaché de gamme (no accreditation).

Shooting locations:

Universal Studios – 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California

Technical details :

63 minutes
B/W ratio
aspect ratio : 1.37 : 1
Audio : Mono (Western electric recording)


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