We’re finally at the final Punisher character: A war zone (unless I missed someone), and he’s one of the bad guys…. Although he is a situational ally of the main characters. This is Tiberiu Bulat, represented by Obert Pallassio. In the film, an old but cruel Yugoslav mob boss comes to the United States after Billy Russoti sells his son to the FBI in exchange for immunity. Seeking revenge, he teams up with Agent Budianski and the Punisher to lead a bloody attack on a gangster hideout. In the comics, he’s not Yugoslavian, never has anything to do with the Punisher, and probably wouldn’t do it for his son. Let’s look at it together.

Tiberiu Bulat was born in Romania, on Earth, in 2001. It was forged by battles and wars: He fought the Nazis outside his country, then did the same with the Soviets, and when there were no more enemies on homeland soil, he became a mercenary to seek them out across the borders. During that time, he even managed to marry the only man he really loved and who gave him a son, Krista, whom he trained as a mercenary like himself and took to Bosnia, where they were both hired by the Serbs to help them in the ongoing genocide. Tiberius really loved the battlefield, the thrill of battle, the blood and the screams and was responsible for a number of war crimes, executing civilians, men, women and children, and enjoyed every minute of it. During the war, however, Christie had an idea and convinced him to give up his life as a mercenary for a new profession, that of human trafficker. Tiberiu helped her son set up an international prostitution ring. Together they moved to New York City (his wife was long dead) where, with the help of corrupt NYPD detective Stu Westin and professional wrestler Vera Constantine, they set up several brothels where they forced young women kidnapped from Eastern Europe into prostitution. Christie was right, for the new profession was much safer and more profitable than the previous one…. but that wasn’t enough for Tiberius. He refuses to live in the luxurious apartment his son bought for him and instead moves into a small Spartan house: He missed the war, its harshness and cruelty, and he was not happy being a rich but quiet businessman. He found some relief from boredom as he tackled the match: With a group of trusted men, he slaughtered entire gangs of rivals… against the wishes of his more diplomatic son.

Tiberius tortured, mutilated, and mercilessly executed all who opposed him, whether professional gangsters or street urchins, while Cristus tried to quench his thirst for blood by minding his own business …. and Tiberius lost all regard for his son and considered him a coward. Just when killing a gangster was beginning to irritate the old soldier, a new, worthy opponent appeared: The Punisher, the deadly vigilante who targeted Bulatov’s prostitution. Tiberius wanted to meet him on the battlefield, while Cristus tried to avoid him at all costs, confirming the idea that his father had. One night Tiberius was attacked in his apartment by three assassins, criminals from the gangs he had destroyed: He immediately killed two of them and left the third alive long enough to tell him who had sent him: Kristu himself, who had come to the conclusion that his father was a burden. Enraged at his son, Tiberius pursued him to his hideout in Indian Lake and went there with a group of loyal followers…. But when he arrived, his son was already dead, killed along with his men by a Punisher who was still there. A fierce battle broke out, and although several of his men died and Tiberius himself was wounded, the old soldier succeeded in putting the enemy to flight. Back in New York, Tiberius confronts Vera about her role in the attempt on her life and tries to put her under the protection of his men, but she is still killed by the Punisher. For the first time in his life, Tiberius feels cornered. He hid in a brothel and gathered all his remaining men for a final assault on the vigilante, but soon found himself alone facing him. He took a prostitute hostage, used her as a human shield, and managed to end the fight… But the punisher called him a dirty coward in Romanian, which provoked his anger. Forget the hostage, he attacked the enemy furiously, to be easily captured, shot and carried off. When he woke up, he was tied up and drenched in gasoline: He demanded a fair fight from the punisher who had chased him off, setting him on fire and burning him alive while filming the whole scene. This is not exactly the glory Tiberiu Bulat dreamed of.

Tiberius Bulat is a psychopathic and bloodthirsty man, born and raised on the battlefield, unable to live without carnage, conflict and mass murder. He’s a monster who had to retire, but he’s still the death machine he was when he was young, with all the combat experience, tactics and skills that have made him one of the deadliest mercenaries on the market. Without love, not even for his son, whom he sincerely despises for being a money-grubbing coward, Tiberius seeks battle, and yet he feels he is in the midst of war, the only place he truly belongs.


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