Timone (Shockwave) was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 16th of this year. It is part of the “Timone” franchise by 20th Century Fox. Timone is based on the children’s book series by Newt Cicero and Tom Lichtenheld. The first two movies in the Timone series were released in the early 1980s. The two movies were not seen outside of Europe or Australia until 2003. The Timone franchise is a spin-off of the original series of Disney’s “Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom”. In Timone, as well the original series, the main character is a little boy named Timone. Few changes were made to the character in this franchise, such

Timone (Shockwave) is a horror tv series adapted from a manga series of the same name. In this series, the main protagonist is named Timone, and he has a sister named Jirelle. During the first season, Timone serves as the main protagonist, and Jirelle serves as the antagonist. The second season, Timone, Jirelle, and a new character named Raul, serve as the main protagonists. During the third season, Raul is removed from the series, and Timone, Jirelle, and a new character named Grom, serve as the main protagonists. During the fourth season, Timone, Jirelle, Grom, and a new character named

To find new characters from the comics in Jupiter’s Legacy we have to jump to episode 3, Painting the Clouds with Sunshine. Among other things, we make the acquaintance of Hutch and of his gang of third-rate super-thieves, among which Jacinda, portrayed by Jess Salgueiro. As she demonstrates in the unexpected fight with Chloe Sampson later, Jacinda is capable of making air vibrate enough to fly or to create strong shock waves… hence her super name, Shockwave. In the comics, Shockwave is indeed a supervillain, and has connections to Hutch, but her role and powers are quite different. Let’s take a look.

Timone, surname unknown, became quite famous as Shockwave when she used to be a supervillain, a bank robber who could autonomously produce electricity from her body and redirect it at will… this, of course, until the days of supervillains were officially over. During her career, she had had several run-ins with superheroes, of course, but the game was always the same: she got busted, she fought, if she won she escaped to steal something another day, if she was caught she would have soon gotten out of prison and started it all over again. Then something changed: the Union of Justice was revolutionized from the inside, The Utopian and Lady Liberty got killed, and Brainwave and the Utopian’s son Brandon took control first of the Union, then of the White House, establishing a new national government, an “enlightened” one that would have led the world to a better era. One of the traits characterizing this new government was zero tolerance towards dissent and crime, and supervillains, as well as rebellious superheroes, were the first target of the newly established police force: this time, there would have been no trials nor appeals, and everyone captured would have gone straight to the Super Max for a life sentence… those who survived the arrest, of course. Shockwave, not at all interested in joining Brainwave’s fascist movement like several others of her former “colleagues” had, decided to go into hiding. Along with her girlfriend Neutrino, another supervillain, she hid in Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked as a mechanic. Things went quite for some years.

Unlike Timone, Neutrino had some problems in laying low, and adapting to a regular, simple life wasn’t easy at all for her. Timone did her best to keep her in check, but a shrinking girlfriend wasn’t exactly easy to control, and she eventually escaped to Hong Kong to commit a bank robbery, in name of the good times… and here she was busted first by the police, then by someone else. While she was still on the phone with Timone, Neutrino used her powers to shrink to subatomic size and to travel on an electron back home. Unfortunately, her pursuer was faster than an electron: Chloe Sampson, the Utopian’s daughter. Believing she was there to arrest them, Timone immediately attacked her, but her electric bolts didn’t even phase Chloe. It turned out that she didn’t want to arrest them, but rather to recruit them in a new team, one led by herself, Hutch and their son Jason… one whose aim was to overthrow Brainwave’s and Brandon’s regime. Tired of hiding and of living in fear, the two women accepted the offer, and Timone became Shockwave again. The first stop was Dubai, where the last recruit was kept prisoner: while most of the team fought against Dubai’s own superhero for hire, Raikou, Shockwave accompanied Hutch to the suspension chamber where they kept Repro, the one they actually wanted to recruit. Hutch used his Power Rod to teleport Repro out of his jail, while Shockwave, fully charged, reanimated him with a bolt of energy. The two instantly recruited Repro, who then easily dispatched Raikou. From the team’s hideout in the African jungle, Shockwave and the others started planning their next move: finding and recruiting Skyfox, the world’s greatest supervillain, who Jason had just located somewhere in Siberia. With the Union founder by their side, the rebels would have finally been able to move against the government.

Timone is a smart and prudent woman, one who’s used to survive, and who knows how to disappear. As Shockwave, she has the ability to produce electricity from her own body, and to direct it in powerful lightning bolts form her hands; after every use, however, she needs to recharge her powers. A former supervillain hunted down like an animal, Shockwave does her best to adapt to the new life she’s been forced to embrace… hoping that her overly enthusiast girlfriend doesn’t blow her cover.

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