Acting buddies Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will be teaming up again this year to bring us another epic adventure in the “Uncharted” series. “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” is the latest installment of one of the most popular video game series of all time, and this film will continue the story of young Nathan Drake, who is forced to battle deadly villains in search of a legendary treasure.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a movie as exciting and action-packed as the recent “Uncharted” trilogy. Sure, not every movie needs to be “Uncharted”, but this series has been so unbelievable that it’s hard to believe this is actually happening in real life. In “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”, which you can watch right now on Netflix, we meet Chloe Frazer, a young woman who was raised in India but has grown up to be an adventurer and a treasure hunter. She’s looking for something but she doesn’t know exactly what it is… She’s on a mission to find treasure with her old friend Nadine Ross (Anika Noni Rose), but soon she finds that

Over the past few years, there have been several famous video games made into famous movie adaptations. To capture the life of the game in a movie is not an easy art to pull off. Some of the most famous examples are Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Mortal Kombat, The Witcher, and many others. But now, there is a new movie that has already started making multiple headlines. It’s now happening that Tom Holland will fill the shoes of the famous explorer Nathan Drake in the movie “Uncharted.”

The best cast you can hope for!

Now, with all good movies, this movie has the best cast you can hope for! There is, of course, the loving Tom Holland playing the central role of Nathan Drake. But as it goes in the games, there is always one person who has had Nathan’s back. We can say that he is more of a father figure for Nate. It is none other than Victor Sullivan, a.k.a. Sully. His character is again being played by one of the most bankable stars in the Hollywood industry. He has been known for some blockbusters such as The Departed, Deepwater Horizon, Pain and Gain, and many other big names. That’s right. This is none other than Mark Wahlberg. He is coming in as a supporting role, teaming up with Nate for all the adventure.

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For those who don’t know, when the original production for the movie was being planned back in 2010, then Mark Wahlberg was being considered for the role of Nathan Drake. But due to his schedule being occupied with other projects, Mark had to give up the opportunity at the time.

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Another famous cast member coming in for the ride is Sophia Taylor Ali. She is going to be taking on the role of Chloe Frazer. Chloe was a character who was introduced in the second game of the Uncharted videogame series. She came in as Nate’s love interest while working for one of the main antagonists of the game, Harry Flynn. She even reprised her role in the third game. But it looks like Sophia Taylor Ali will be taking on the role! If you aren’t familiar with her, then she was also working as Dr. Dahlia Qadri in the hit medical series “Grey’s Anatomy”. This is really the best cast one can hope for!

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Although, there have been some other undisclosed roles in the movie. There is also the famous star, Antonio Banderas, who has also been named as one of the cast members of the movie. But as of now, there has been no news as to what his relevance is in the story.

The storyline: El Dorado? Lazarevic? The Cintamani Stone? What could it be?

When it comes to the videogames there is a lot to discuss in the storyline. There have been speculations as to where the plot will start. According to the first game of the series, Nate was on the hunt for El Dorado along with Sully. And then after that, his adventures have been diversified.

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Nate has even gone for the Cintamani Stone, where Zoran Lazarevic was the main antagonist. The game is solely based on Nate’s old friend, Harry Flynn, who lures Drake into an adventure of finding him the lost city of Shambala. At the time, Harry is working for Lazarevic, who has been searching for the Tree of Life. Over there, he tries to drink the water which gives him immortality. But then again, events unfold in a scary manner as Drake creates problems for Lazarevic and his gang. Drake tries to find the Tree of Life first and destroy it once and for all.

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Then again, in the third game, he goes to Yemen to hunt for another treasure. Over there, he is met with old enemies, named Katherine Marlowe and Talbot. The third game is based on grabbing Nate’s ring of Sir Francis Drake and using it to unlock one of the biggest treasures in the world.

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In the fourth game, the plot is set for the hunt for the treasure of Pirate Avery. It is set right after the events of Drake’s Fortune, which was the first videogame of the series. So, as it goes, the movie could be about any one of these plots and progress accordingly.

Meet the Producer and Director!

The producer for this movie is one of the biggest names, is Avi Arad. He has been long associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has produced almost all the major films for the studio.

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The director of the movie is none other than Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer! He has been known for some of the most fun movies over the past few years. His extensive work with the Zombieland movies has really put him on the map. More than that, he has also been associated with Venom movies! He is now coming up once again with the second part of Venom, which is set to come out this year! It is going to star Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson as the main protagonist and antagonist.

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Most recently he has worked on the movie called Gangster Squad, which starred Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Josh Brolin in the main roles. With him on board, it is certainly safe to say that this movie will be worth the money. And this is something the fans have been looking forward to for a very long time. It goes back to more than 13 or 14 years’ time ever since the first video game came out. None of the fans can contain the excitement.

One forgotten character…

Out of all the characters that we have discussed so far, there is still one very important character that the movie has surprisingly left out. The movie has left out Elena Fisher. She is the woman who has been Nate’s actual love interest. Ever since the first game, Elena has been documenting all of Nate’s adventures as a filmmaker and has been accompanying him in all his quests.

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It can’t be that the filmmakers haven’t thought about Elena in the movie. Because as it is for Chloe, she comes in when Harry Flynn tells Nate about the journey to Shambala and finding the Cintamani Stone. So, it can be speculated as to whether there will be Elena Fisher as a part of the movie or not. It can only be found out once the movie releases. So, this whole idea of Elena not being present in the movie raises questions as to whether the story of the movie will be set in El Dorado or Shambala. Either way, it could be considered an error to not have her there in the movie. But then again, let us what the creators have been up to.

Uncharted: The Movie!

There is a lot of expectations pinned on this movie as this one brings one of the best videogame series to the screens. Several questions arise as obvious. Will this movie be a standalone or could it have sequels to it? If all goes well, then there should be sequels created to explain each and every gameplay. Until then, let us wait and find out what happens! Uncharted hits theatres February 18th, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tom Holland Nathan Drake?

No, Tom Holland is not Nathan Drake.

Is Nathan Drake ripped?

Nathan Drake is ripped.

Who plays Sully in Uncharted game?

Sully is a character in the Uncharted series.

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