Star Trek fans are one of the most loyal groups of people to exist, so it’s no wonder that they love to share their love for the franchise on the web. TREK SHORTS is a short film series based on the universe of Star Trek. The series features high-quality video and audio productions, including the original music written for the shorts.

The STAR TREK fan film, “Covid-19”, is a full-length feature film, and the first of its kind for Trek. It is a sci-fi comedy-drama that takes place on an alien planet, and follows the adventures of a group of people who are stranded there.

Okay, this is a crazy story (or actually a series of stories)! But first: If you haven’t yet donated to SAMUEL COKINGS’ TREK SHORTS project on Indiegogo, you only have a few days left and you’re only $2,000 away from your goal! So try to help him get to the $10,500 finish before the 31st. March…

Earlier this month, Sam – cinema-goers’ answer to Scotty, Geordie, Miles, B’Elanna and Trip in a Brit – released the first of his short films on Trek: A LONG WAY FROM HOME, starring..: NIMRAD SAUND, NICK and LUCITA COOK from the Scottish series INTREPID, with a cameo by MICHELE SPECHT from STAR TREK CONTINUES. The 19 minute movie was beautiful, with great visual effects, strong acting and virtual 3D FANtastic backgrounds.

If the project succeeds, Indiegogo will fund another FIVE Trek Shorts fan films, featuring stars from fan series like AVALON UNIVERSE, DREADNOUGHT DOMINION, DARK ARMADA and Sam’s previous project TEMPORAL ANOMALY. This is a very exciting and ambitious project and the campaign has got off to a great start in the first week.

But things calmed down a bit in the second week. So Sam quickly decided to make a trailer for the Trek #3 short film, Hours to Doomsday, with MARCUS CHURCHILL reprising his role as Ensign Sam Harriman from Temporal Anomaly, and Nimrad Sound as Lieutenant Keely. Sam took them both on Thursday the 13th, May, to shoot a fan film in his studio… and everything was ready. Sam cleared his schedule for the next two and a half weeks to do nothing else, and released a teaser just before the end of the campaign.

And then Sam’s phone rang. It was Nim.

Nimrad Sound in Far from home

It was too soon, Sam said. A call that she was on her way would have come through in a few hours. My sleepy brain didn’t even understand what she was saying at first. Nimrad had just been tested for COVID, probably contracted at work a week earlier, judging by her symptoms. It didn’t affect her much, but apparently she couldn’t come to Sam’s studio to shoot the movie. (Although the Brits have been vaccinated, the order of vaccination is still from senior to junior….. and Nim and Sam have not yet reached the minimum age of 35).

But Sam’s brain didn’t have the luxury of staying asleep. I had to put myself into action to understand what we were doing. My first idea was to set everything back a week. Nim is currently asymptomatic and we hope to get a negative result next week. I’d have fewer teasers to post, but at least I’d have something.

So Sam immediately called Marcus to ask if he was free next Thursday. Marcus said it was impossible. It was his only day off until the third week of June, as he had to attend rehearsals for the play. I made the rash decision to have Marcus drive the two hours to my studio and try to… Shoot something.

Unfortunately, Sam couldn’t do anything about the Doomsday Clock, because the whole movie revolves around the interaction between the two crew members of the Enterprise-E. So Sam sat down at the keyboard and began writing the script for a new short film….. a very short one, because Marcus was only gone for an hour!

Marcus Churchill

Marcus arrived just as I finished, and we got down to business, Sam told me. Marcus put on his new Voyager suit that I had bought for him, and we were able to rehearse in three parts to learn enough for the recordings, making everything up as we went along. We had a lot of fun working on this mini short film called A Day in the Life.

Then Sam did his job all week, every day. Moreover, its musical creator juggled his weekly schedule to create six minutes of music in just 48 hours! In addition, two other actors had to be coordinated. I was lucky, says Sam, to book the actress playing my computer, meet her and film her lines within 24 hours, and receive ROBIN HAYERT’s dialogue within 36 hours. It was a real whirlwind, but everything fell into place! This is Robin’s first return to Star Trek fan films since the Dark Armada Out of Time series finale in 2016.

Sam’s new mini-movie, titled HOURS AT WARP, was released on the 23rd. May is out, and for a fan film to go from zero to full release in just 10 days is impressive! Look here…


It was incredibly fun to see Marcus again for the first time in 7 years, work with him again as a Harriman….. and in a NEW uniform! It’s very nice!

Sam also used his time with Marcus to prepare one of the five remaining Trek shorts (since Hours at Warp counts as a bonus episode). They were preparing episode 5, the Star Trek/Stargate crossover. We finished shooting and started costume auditions for his short film Stargate and shot a very short teaser that was released on the 26th. May has been published. He’s here…


In the end, Sam concludes, we’ve turned an important flashback into a bonus mini-film for the fans, one that’s different from most fan films….. and one that I hope will maintain the high production quality that people have come to expect from me.

There are only a few days left, but please consider making a small donation to help make the six Trek shorts (plus one bonus short) a fan film…..

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