In Fullmetal Alchemist, there are two types of transmutation circles. One is used to create a weapon and the other one is used to heal the wounded. These circles can be found all over Central and South America.

The transmutation circle generator is a website that allows users to generate transmutation circles from the series Fullmetal Alchemist.

Alchemists use a Transmutation Circle as a specific symbol to conduct alchemical transmutations. Although experienced alchemists may transmute without a Transmutation Circle, they are utilized by the majority of alchemists and are needed for more complicated transmutations.

You’ll learn what Transmutation Circles are in Fullmetal Alchemist in today’s article. We’ll go over how they work and how they’re drawn, and then we’ll go over some more advanced concepts like Human Transmutation and Transmutation Arrays. Continue reading since it will be an educational text.

What are Fullmetal Alchemist’s Transmutation Circles?

Alchemy is a recognized science in Fullmetal Alchemist, and it has been raised to the status of state science. It’s a complicated, yet elegant skill set that enables a competent alchemist to do nearly anything, with a few exceptions.

While no mechanism or equipment is needed to produce the energy for transmutation, understanding the process and the limitations of Equivalent Exchange is not enough.

A symbol known as the Transformation Circle (Japanese: Renseijin) is needed to begin an alchemical transmutation. If a transformation is needed, a Transmutation Circle may be created in situ (in chalk, pencil, ink, paint, thread, blood, or even dirt; the substance does not matter), or etched or inscribed beforehand in a permanent manner.

Although there are instances of such abilities, transmutation is generally not feasible without it.


There are two components to every transmutation circle. The circle itself is a conduit that concentrates and directs the flow of energy by tapping into energies already existing in the ground and materials. It symbolizes the world’s cyclical flow of energy and events and manipulates this force for its own ends.

Inside the circle are unique alchemical runes. These runes correlate to a distinct type of energy that enables the energy concentrated in the circle to be released in the way most suitable for the alchemist’s intended result, based on old alchemical studies, books, and experiences.

These runes are often formed like triangles (which, when positioned differently, may symbolize the elements of water, earth, fire, or air), although they are typically built up of various polygons made up of different triangles in basic alchemy.


The hexagram, for example, is a common rune in transmutation circles because it generates eight multidirectional triangles when written, allowing it to symbolize all four classical elements at once.

Additional esoteric runes (such as astrological symbols, symbolic pictures, and different lines of text) are also common and symbolize a range of other purposes for the alchemical energy unleashed.

What is a Transmutation Array, and how does it work?

In the same way that a Transformation Circle circulates the energy utilized in a transmutation, a Transmutation Array does. Arrays, unlike Transmutation Circles, are not restricted to the circle’s diameter and only utilize the circle as a minor part of their operation.

In other instances, a Transmutation Array isn’t even a circle, and instead employs a variety of ideas to influence the flow or release of the energies involved.


Because of the human body’s form, alchemists often use Transmutation Arrays as full-body tattoos. It’s also conceivable that the Transmutation Array’s non-cyclical nature accelerates the “destruction” stage of alchemy, as shown by Scar’s right arm and a circle in the Grand Arcane (exclusive to the 2003 series).

Transmutation Arrays are used to aid rebuilding in the 2009 anime, as shown by Scar and his brother’s other arms. Great advances in alchemical research have been achieved throughout Amestris’ almost 400-year history by combining these runes to enhance their power, converge their effects, and develop whole new methods of utilizing them.

What does a Human Transmutation imply in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Human Transmutation is one of the few, but severe, prohibitions in the realm of alchemy. Human Transmutation, although not impossible, requires a great deal of talent and horrific levels of sacrifice while also giving birth to an unfinished “product” and poisoning the alchemist’s soul. This is why it is severely prohibited, despite the fact that certain people are known to have violated the ban.

Human Transmutation allows you to perform a variety of things, all of which are strange and horrible. We’ll go through them in detail here.

1. The Resurrected

Human Transmutation is most often associated with attempts to resurrect the dead. Several alchemists have attempted to resurrect dead loved ones using different ideas and experimental techniques, but such attempts have always failed due to the flow of the cosmos and the alchemy itself.


Furthermore, since Human Transmutation brought the initiating alchemists into God’s realm, they are effectively summoned to the Gate of Truth to confront God himself.

Alchemists who are dragged through the Gate gain tremendous alchemical and global knowledge, as well as the capacity to conduct non-circular transmutations, in exchange for a bodily contribution, which typically takes the shape of body parts “taken” by the Lord.

Homunculi are a kind of homunculus.

The idea of an alchemically produced artificial human being known as a “Homunculus” is the second most prevalent type of Human Transmutation. Despite the fact that all documented and confirmed efforts to create one have failed, this conduct is one of those explicitly listed in Amestris’ statewide prohibition on Human Transmutation.


Nonetheless, as the anime and manga have revealed, Homunculi were produced and were very successful, but the ones responsible weren’t genuine humans, but rather creatures that dwelled in the darker regions of alchemy.

3. The Bonding of Human Souls

Manipulation of human souls is another heinous kind of Human Transmutation. There have been human transmutation operations that included the extraction of souls from their material bodies and the alchemical connection of these souls to inanimate things, typically via a rune written in blood on the item, despite the fact that it does not exist in any official record.

Although not all aspects of the soul link have been explained, it has been stated that the iron in the blood alchemically combines with the iron in the object (since most cases of soul linking used metal as a vessel) and that the blood itself remains attached to the person’s soul from which it was taken.


The act of uniting two such disparate entities is only transitory, since the soul and the vessel eventually reject one other and separate.

Although the controlled soul is separate from its original material body, concerns about knowledge and memory storage indicate that the original material body must be alive someplace in order for a connection to exist.

Another issue arises as a result of the soul’s inexorable attraction to its original body.

Human Chimera No. 4


Chimeric Alchemy is a valid branch of bio-alchemy, although some alchemists ignore the fundamental principles and go into monster territory. Shou Tucker was the first alchemist to construct a human chimera and pass it off as a full-fledged animal chimera capable of human speech.

The fire transmutation circle is a magical circle that can be drawn with fire. It’s used to create and destroy matter, as well as to purify the soul of an alchemist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the circles in Fullmetal Alchemist?

The circles represent the three different types of alchemy that exist in the world. They are also used to denote which type of alchemy is currently being performed.

What does the transmutation circle Do?

The transmutation circle is a device that allows you to change the color of your lightsaber. Its like a lightsaber paintbrush!

Did alchemists use transmutation circles?

The alchemists transmutation circle is a tool that they use to perform alchemy. It was not used in the process of transmutation.

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