This question is a tough one to answer. There are many factors that go into determining which game has more players. However, the most common way of answering this question is by looking at the number of active users or total registered users for each game.

The what is the most played game in the world 2020 is a question that has been asked many times. There are many different opinions on which game is better and has more players.

Are you aware of the competition amongst the top “games”? Minecraft, which was created by Mojang, is shown on one corner. Since its debut, Minecraft has been the most popular app/game. On all video and streaming platforms, the game received the highest rating. Soon later, though, Fortnite, an online shooting game, was launched. It was well-known and very well-liked. So, the big question is: which game is better and has more players: Minecraft or Fortnite?

Minecraft is a survival and adventure game in which you start with just your fists. The objective of the game is to defeat the Ender Dragon and make it to the finish. It, on the other hand, never ends. You may also activate Creative Mode to get access to an infinite amount of resources. Many people have been enthralled by games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and others. Let’s see which game is superior and why.

Who Is Minecraft Made For?


Minecraft is a three-dimensional video game that enables users to build and destroy various kinds of blocks. The primary modes are Survival and Creativity. Players must gather their own resources and hunt for food in order to survive. They can interact with other moving creatures as well as groups of block-like creatures. Players may be given resources but do not need to eat to live in Creative mode.

If you’re a grandparent or parent of a kid over the age of six, you’ve probably heard about Minecraft. It’s possible that it’ll be on their Christmas wish lists. They may or may not have the game, since it is already in their possession. However, a broad selection of products such as books, clothes, and toys are available. The Minecraft project has officially begun.

Minecraft is suggested for children aged 8 and above since it is neither aggressive or difficult to use. It was one of the first internet video games for many kids.

Although you will not be asked for evidence of age when creating an account, you will be asked for your birthdate. If you indicate that you are under the age of 13, some features will be disabled. This includes purchasing anything in-game.

It’s conceivable that a kid is unaware of the limitations and opts for full access to all functions.

You may change some of the settings to make your child’s experience more pleasant. Changing the difficulty of preventing creatures from spawning in the environment and turning off the health meter to avoid death are two examples.

Who is Fortnite made for?

Fortnite is a survival video game in which 100 people compete to be the last guy remaining in player-versus-player combat.

In contrast to typical multiplayer games, Fortnite only has one big map each season. It’s improbable that you’ll meet that many people at the start of the game. A ring progressively closes in on a center location of the map as the game proceeds. If you are caught outside the ring, your character will die.

Players are thrown onto a tiny island and given an axe. While dodging an electrical storm, they must locate additional weaponry. As the field shrinks and players are eliminated, the players are grouped closer together. On the screen, you’ll see updates detailing how another player was slain. To play the game for free, you must first register an Epic Games account.

Users may log in to Epic Games using their Facebook or Google accounts. New accounts may also be created by users. To get the game up and running, Epic Games is needed. An avatar is given to you at random each time you play the game. This is true for both men and women. 

Gamers may choose and select whatever mode they want to play. Solo? In Duo Mode or as part of a Squad. You can play with your pals if you add them to your team. When you’re ready, press the start button to begin the game.

Which Game Is Better: Minecraft or Fortnite?

Since 2019, Fortnite and Minecraft have been voted the greatest video games on the market, and they are widely sought after by players all over the world. Users have rated both video games as the best. As a result, the question of which video game is the best has arisen.

So, let’s see which one is superior.

Age Range


The audiences for Minecraft and Fortnite are very different. Despite the fact that nearly anybody may play both games, it is obvious that Fortnite is aimed mostly at adolescents and children. Minecraft does not have a particular target demographic since it is suitable for all ages.

Minecraft is a game that is more accessible to everyone, and it is enjoyed by people of all ages. While there are a lot of kids who play Minecraft, there are also a lot of adults that play it. My argument is that the statistics rapidly decrease once you outside Fortnite’s target audience.


Epic Games is now in severe danger. They’re always getting into problems with the locals. The business is in severe financial trouble as a result of their drive for Epic Games Store and all of their badly welcomed initiatives. This is reflected in their goods. Epic Game Store is a colossal flop. Bugs, malfunctions, and server stability plague Fortnite at all times. It has a bad image for being unreliable.

Microsoft isn’t a flawless organization. They’ve made a lot of poor choices in the past. They are also more well-liked and have a lengthy track record with it. They’re all lot better at repairing their goods and keeping them steady in terms of technology.

Regardless of your views about either company’s financial choices, when you pit Microsoft against legendary games in a fight for reputation, it’s fairly clear who wins.

Aspects of Competition

There is a Minecraft Monday tournament, although it is mostly for fun. Everyone understands Fortnite isn’t a casual game, despite its promises.

It’s simple to draw parallels between Minecraft and Fortnite’s creative features. Minecraft would still win since it was designed with creativity in mind, while Fortnite was designed as a battle royale first and then as a creative tool afterwards. Fortnite may not be for you if you don’t like competitive gaming, despite the fact that they are completely different games. This is a clear indication that Minecraft is gaining traction.


Fortnite is nearly always buggy, or the servers aren’t functioning properly. How about a game like Minecraft? Consider how long Minecraft has been in existence and how long you’ve owned it. When was the last time you discovered a major problem in Minecraft? I’m not claiming that Minecraft is a flawless game. It does, however, have certain technological flaws. It’s a lot more stable than Fortnite, which is important. If you were searching for something unique and entertaining, but one of your games seemed inconsistent or had features that changed often, you’d probably go with the second option.

Minecraft isn’t pandering to its audience.


People can detect pandering, and Fortnite is a great example. The products, clothes, advertisements, and dances for Fortnite are all self-indulgent. People who do not play Fortnite may find the game’s culture and advertising materials to be extremely hostile.

The advertising materials would pique the attention of someone unfamiliar with Minecraft. If they have no prior knowledge of Fortnite but had seen promotional material from fans. They’d probably shy away from it. They aren’t interested in giving it a go. This is because to the hype culture and the hiking culture of Fortnite. It’s a popular game that a lot of your followers like. They want to be involved. Those who do not belong to that community, on the other hand, feel disinterested and alienated.


Microtransactions in Fortnite do not bother me. The Fortnite business model, in my opinion, is sound. It doesn’t alter the fact that microtransactions are widely used. Skins for characters and weapons are available. During gaming, they are all visible.

Let’s see how it compares to microtransactions in Minecraft. The Minecraft system isn’t for everyone. They are, without a doubt, much more invasive than the Fortnite system. If you don’t want to purchase Minecraft, you won’t be able to. If you don’t want to pay money, you won’t be able to play Fortnite.


Minecraft gives you a lot more options when it comes to making stuff. Fortnite is a multiplayer battle royale game with creative features. Fortnite’s creative mode is incredible, in my opinion. While it is undoubtedly the finest on the market, it is not nearly as configurable as Minecraft’s.

Minecraft has the ability to create incredible things. If you like shooting stuff, you will find Minecraft to be uninteresting. Minecraft is the most creative tool available.


Mods may have a significant effect on the game’s long-term viability. Take a look at titles like GTA 5, Skyrim Witcher 3, and more. The shelf life of these games is very short. Until now, these games have been the most popular on the platform. Minecraft has a sizable modding community, and it seems that fresh modded material is uploaded on a regular basis. Mods are fantastic and have given Minecraft a long shelf life. The modding community is expanding at a breakneck pace. Fortnite might help by allowing modifications.

More Relaxed Gameplay

Casual Fortnite is getting increasingly tough to play. Some even think that casual Fortnite is no longer relevant. This is something about which I am undecided. While a large number of individuals love competitive multiplayer games, the overwhelming majority of gamers do not. While millions of people are playing Fortnite, the top-selling games of all time show that many more people are enjoying other games. Despite the fact that competitive games are often marketed and advertised, they are all multiplayer competitive games. When compared to casual games, these games account for a tiny portion of the industry. Roblox and Minecraft are two examples of single-player games and creative tools. There are many games that enable you to participate in a game similar to Fortnite. Fortnite, on the other hand, is a more relaxed game. For many, Minecraft is going to be the most popular game.

Aspects of Promotion

To capitalize on the buzz culture around Fortnite, its marketing is extremely dynamic, bright, explosive, and loud.

On the other side, Minecraft’s marketing is as laid-back as the game itself. What if you’re a regular person searching for an unique and entertaining game? Which one would you buy just on the basis of the promotion? Minecraft is popular among gamers because they despise being told that they must be enthusiastic about anything. Minecraft allows you to build your own thrills.

For as long as feasible, Fortnite will profit from the hype culture. However, you have to worry what Epic Games will do after the hoopla has worn off. What is Epic Games’ contingency plan? What is the plan of action? What would happen if high culture fell apart in Fortnite? Minecraft shines in this area. Minecraft has stayed at the top despite the lack of a large hype culture. Players are not encouraged to get enthusiastic about upcoming upgrades. They simply host the game to spread the word, then let the participants to have a good time.



When searching for a gaming system, players seek for something cheap. They do not want to spend a significant amount of time playing video games. Fortnite is an excellent choice since it is a totally free game. This is also one of the reasons why Fortnite became so popular in such a short period of time.

For a player, Minecraft is a little pricey. Later on, participants will be required to purchase a server. Fortnite also has some in-game purchases, but they’re just cosmetics that don’t change the game.

Which Game Has More Players: Minecraft or Fortnite?

Epic Games claims to have 15.3 million concurrent active users, up from 12.3 million in April 2020. As of May 2020, Fortnite has more over 350 million registered users. The effect of Apple’s current legal battle on these figures is unclear. It’s tough to say how this has impacted the players since so many are probably certainly Apple users. Even with this, Fortnite is still huge.

In 2020, Minecraft generated $415 million in revenue, with more than 130 million players playing at least once each month. For a game developed in less than a week, this is pretty impressive. Minecraft, unlike Fortnite, does not enable several players to play at the same time.

Fortnite or Minecraft: Which Came First?

On July 21, 2017, Fortnite was launched. Minecraft, on the other hand, was developed on May 17, 2009. So, Minecraft was the first.

Is Fortnite More Compulsively Playable Than Minecraft?

Not at all. Minecraft, according to a research, is one of the most addicting games available right now. The research looked at a range of games and rated them according to how addictive they were. Over 1,500 gamers were tracked in this research to see what they did on a daily basis. The research looked at how gamers behaved to determine how addicting they were. While it’s difficult to measure a videogame’s addictiveness, there are certain indicators.

The most played games right now is a question that has been asked numerous times. In this blog, I will answer the question by comparing two of the most popular games on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which game has most players in 2020?

The game with the most players in 2020 is Fortnite.

What game has the most players right now?

The most players right now is PUBG.

What game has the most players in 2021?


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