The Knights of Ren are a group of Force-sensitive warriors who were led by Kylo Ren in the Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Some fans believe that they will show up again soon and others think we’ve seen the last of them for good. Let’s dig into what this means for their future in an ever changing Star Wars universe

The “how many knights of ren are there” is a question that has been asked for years. The Knights of Ren were introduced in the second season of Star Wars: Rebels and we have yet to see them again.


With the release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, we first encountered the Knights of Ren on the big screen. The First Order, a military junta formed of pro-Imperial members of the Galactic Senate, strives to put an end to the New Republic in order to restore the galaxy to the glory days of the Galactic Empire in the 2015 film.

Despite the fact that the First Order included many veteran Galactic Empire officers, Supreme Leader Snoke brought in a new generation of fanatical military commanders, including General Armitage Hux and Kylo Ren.

But who is Kylo Ren, exactly? When that issue arises, the fastest response is to state that he is Ben Solo, the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, without fully explaining what the Knights of Ren gimmick is all about.

Who are these masked warriors, and why are they masked? Is it merely a different name for the Sith? It’s past time we unraveled the Knights of Ren’s riddle.

What Are the Knights of Ren, Exactly?


At a fundamental level, it’s not difficult to figure out what the Knights of Ren are. They’re Force-sensitive troops acting as a type of Black Ops inside the greater First Order army under the newly founded First Order. Only Supreme Leader Snoke and the resurrected Darth Sidious, a.k.a. Emperor Palpatine, are in charge.

They’re cool-looking, mysterious beings that wreak havoc throughout the galaxy, according to the movies. It’s particularly noticeable in the moment when they leisurely follow Rey, seeming as though they’re enjoying the chase despite the fact that their faces are all hidden under masks.

The Knights of Ren, on the other hand, predate the First Order. The Rise of Kylo Ren by writer Charles Soule, illustrator Will Sliney, colorist Guru-eFX, and letterer Travis Lanham illuminates the clandestine group’s terrible origins.

The Knights of Ren are rewritten by Soule as legendary characters in the Force who begin their path with the Dark Side during the Galactic Empire’s reign. A motley crew of Force-wielding warriors starts to trail a man known only as “Ren,” who subsequently becomes known as the Knights of Ren.


The four-part comic miniseries explains the history of the Knights of Ren, including how they came to be, their place in the First Order hierarchy, and how Ben Solo learned about them.

The Rise of Kylo Ren depicts a young Kylo Ren being persuaded to join the Dark Side by two separate groups, thanks to Supreme Leader Snoke’s influence and Ren’s invitation to explore other avenues in the Force.

One scene depicts a young Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker engaged in combat with the Knights of Ren. Rather of fighting the two, Ren threatens to blow up the facility if they don’t let the Knights escape. Ren saw Ben Solo’s ability to become stronger in the Dark Side and instead opted to tempt him. Ren lowers his runic mask as an invitation to join the Knights of Ren before they depart.

Who Were the Founders of the Order of the Ren?


Ben Solo had the opportunity to meet the original members of the Knights of Ren, who had followed Ren from the days when they served under the Crimson Dawn, before he became Kylo Ren. While not directly tied to the First Order, the Crimson Dawn was certainly Sith-affiliated, since it was formerly commanded by none other than Sith Lord Maul. However, when the Knights of Ren began working for the Crimson Dawn, it was already commanded by Qi’ra, Han Solo’s old boyhood buddy.

So, who are the mystery guys that made up the Knights of Ren’s ranks? First, let’s take a look at Ren himself.


We never learn his exact name, but the human guy called as “Ren,” like his successor, Kylo Ren, was notorious for being scarred. Ren never really tried to conceal his facial scars and burns, even though the Knights wore masks to disguise their features. He was famed for wielding the Ren a red lightsaber, which was a symbol of the Knights of Ren.

He already has his Knights by the time we meet him in the comics, and he’s seeking for additional Force-sensitives to join the Knights of Ren. Ren is often seen wearing his characteristic runic mask, despite his willingness to display his deformities.


Vicrul joined the Knights of Ren right as the First Order was rising and started touring the galaxy with them, wreaking destruction in their wake. Vicrul was one of the less skilled members of the Knights, despite Ren’s great Force abilities.

Vicrul couldn’t use the Force to battle, so he relied on his martial ability to mow down his opponents while they were incapacitated. Vicrul had an ultrasonic scythe, which he used to harvest the souls of his foes and utilize them to improve his skills.


Cardo was the Knights of Ren’s most armed member, since it was somewhat of a passion for him. Despite the fact that he wore the same black robes and plasteel armor as the rest of the Knights, he carried an unique arm cannon that could fire anything from lasers to plasma bolts. It even came with a flamethrower. His abilities made him the Knights of Ren’s armor and weapon craftsman.

Though the comics and movies never explicitly state it, this might be a clue that Cardo is the Knights of Ren’s least strong Force sensitive, since he seems to depend on his weapons rather than his Force powers.


Ushar was different from the rest of the Knights of Ren because of one thing: his love of brutality for the sake of cruelty. Although little is known about Ushar’s Force abilities, he was definitely one of the Knights’ more outspoken members. When he first saw Luke Skywalker, he told his men in arms that he should attack him since “he’s just one guy.”

Ushar delighted in compelling captives to plead for mercy, giving them the false hope that if they did, they would be set free and secure. But Ushar merely did this to put his victims’ will to the test, as he would make death long and agonizing for those who pleaded and quick for those who fought back.


Despite his lack of Force training, Trudgen was a strong member of the Knights of Ren. This unknown soldier is known for assassinating death troopers, Galactic Empire elite soldiers coveted for their physical strength and espionage skills.

Trudgen wears a shabby Knight’s helmet, which seems to be made up of various little trophies he garnered from slain foes. The helmet, in fact, belonged to the death trooper he’d murdered.

Trudgen, like Vicrul, possessed a vibrocleaver as a hallmark weapon.


Kuruk is one of only two Knights of Ren who does not wield a bladed weapon, instead opting for a multi-barreled custom rifle. This may give the idea that Kuruk, like Cardo, is a lesser Force user, yet Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker demonstrates that he is far from weak. Kuruk was able to hold off Kylo Ren for a short while by employing telekinesis against him, placing this Knight of Ren at the top of the power scale.


Ap’lek is the last member of the Knights of Ren on our list. Ap’lek, unlike his other Knights, did not rush into battle. Ap’lek wanted to deceive his opponents in order to catch them off guard, which is why he carried a smoke canister loaded with smoke that might change his opponent’s eyesight and even throw off sensors. Ap’lek wielded an old Mandalorian executioner’s ax until he was slain by Ben Solo, of course.

The Knights of Ren’s Philosophy


Without its own particular ideology, no Star Wars Force-related organization would be complete. Whereas the Jedi strove to cultivate non-attachment and a lack of emotion, the Sith grew in the Force by embracing darker emotions like rage. The Knights of Ren had their own ideology, while being closer to the Sith manner of understanding the Force.

Ren tells his Knights about it like way: “You don’t follow me, pal.” This is what you do. The Ren is a fictional character. The Ren is unconcerned about what it is burning, whether it is good or evil, or what aims it may accomplish. Ren is what he is. It breathes, consumes, and makes no apologies. It is nothing more than its essence. On a deep, deep level, I believe in that idea. In fact, I’ve made it my life’s work.”

What precisely was the Ren to which the Knights of Ren clung? It was none other than the lightsaber used by their first commander. The Ren represented an amoral, adaptable style of life that adjusted to circumstances as they arose and indulged in deeper inclinations. The Knights were instructed by the Ren to have no moral reservations about what they did, leaving no space for anything other than embracing what they wanted, when they wanted it, and how they wanted it.

On a spiritual level, the entire “It lives, and it consumes, and it doesn’t apologize” portion appeals to me. Perhaps it appeals to you as well. So, what would it take for us to join the Knights of Ren if we were Force-sensitives in the Star Wars universe?

What is the procedure for joining the Knights of Ren?


Based on what we know about Ren, it seems that he exclusively recruits Force-sensitives with a Dark Side predilection to join the Knights of Ren. However, if you like the “everything goes” mindset, you could be scouted for membership. That is, if your connection to the Force is strong enough.

When Filin, a Force-sensitive, wanted to join the Knights of Ren, he was requested to make a sacrifice by murdering someone he cared about, which the Knights refer to as “a good death.” Filin didn’t think twice about shooting his elder brother, but although Ren loved his dedication, he eventually killed Filin because he wasn’t strong enough in the Force.

It’s also not enough to just murder someone. Ren refused to accept Ben Solo’s sacrifice of murdering the Jedi Hennix, despite the fact that he was a great Force user. Ren let it go, but he wasn’t certain it was a decent death since Ben Solo had no emotional connection to it.

We may deduce two prerequisites from this: you must have a deep connection to the force and you must murder someone you love. You may be a Knight of Ren and appear in their next program or movie if you were born with the first and can stomach the second.

Is there a possibility that the Knights of Ren will return? Who knows what will happen. We could see at least an animated series when new media is created around their tale.

The “knights of ren names and pictures” are a group of warriors in the Star Wars universe. They are led by Kylo Ren, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia. The Knights were introduced in The Force Awakens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other knights of Ren?

A: As of yet, no. There have been a few theories on the internet that there may be other Knights of Ren out in the world with unknown identities, but no confirmed sightings have occurred as of yet.

Is Grogu a Knight of Ren?


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