Who is in control of the remote control?

The question about the use of one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. Century, the remote control, poses often. Fifty years after the remote control became available to the general public, there are still people who do not understand how to determine who controls the remote.

With the vast array of Neflix, Hulu and other digital entertainment options available to us today, nothing can turn an enjoyable television experience into chaos and disaster faster than touching and/or artificially using the remote, unless you have a precedent, legal or moral justification for owning it.

The hierarchy of remote control rights is simple and has proven effective over time.

Here is a dividing line for using the remote in a multi-user environment:

# 1. The oldest man in the room is always the first to decide what the others in the room get to see. This is true even if the older man is a guest.

If there is inappropriate content on TV, any woman can complain loudly and eventually, if she gets a majority of women, she can turn off or shut down the TV. Most of them are all you need.

If the oldest man falls asleep or looks older at the time of the election, a vote must be taken among the remaining younger men to pass the remote control to the next oldest man.

The oldest man in the room can transfer control of the remote to another man in the room or even to a woman at any time (see below), although he retains the right to transfer the remote until he falls asleep or passes out.

However, the remote control MUST NOT be given to a woman if one of the remaining men wishes to keep it, as described in section 4 below.

# 2. The next older man can take the remote and use it when the older man leaves the room, becomes incapacitated, falls asleep, or when the older man gets up, if only for a minute, to go to the bathroom or the refrigerator.

Upon returning to incumbency, the senior may request the remote control at his or her discretion, but it shall remain in the possession of the current owner until the senior indicates otherwise. This also applies if the woman has a remote control!

# 3. The above two steps continue until there is no man left in the room old enough to count and read the number 699*.

*Different households may receive a different number of channels depending on the TV and cable/digital disc channels available. In a vote, all permanent members of the household vote for this figure, with each member (male and female) having an equal vote.

In the event of a tie, the second vote of the oldest survivor who does not desire a second male vote shall be used as the deciding vote. He may change his second vote from his first vote if he so wishes.

# 4. When all the men in the room are gone, asleep, getting old or unable to act, the woman can get her hands on the remote.

Although households can change the rules by democratic vote (as described above), here is a suggested list of successors:

Starting with the oldest female child under the age of eighteen, all remote control rights will remain with the youngest qualified child (as described above for males).

Once all the men and even the younger women have fallen asleep or left the room, the remote control is handed to the youngest woman, who is eighteen or older, and to the oldest woman, who is not afraid of electronic gadgets like the remote control.

frequently asked questions

What are the remote controls for?

In consumer electronics, a remote control can be used to operate devices such as a TV, DVD player, or other household appliances. The remote control allows you to operate devices that cannot be controlled directly. They work best when used up close.

Are remote controls dangerous?

Infrared light is invisible and is not as intense as sunlight or welding in remote locations, so there is no immediate danger. With prolonged exposure, infrared radiation penetrates the eye, damages the retina and can cause cataracts (cloudy retinas).

Why can’t I transfer the remote to Zoom?

Click on Settings. On the Meeting tab, under In Meeting (Basic), locate the Remote Control option and make sure it is enabled. If the setting is off, click the status switch to turn it on. If a dialog box appears, choose Activate to release the change.

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