This is one of the most controversial questions for Community fans: what do you think of season 4? Are you looking or missing something? It may be difficult for the casual observer to determine the weight of this issue. But for the die-hard Community fan, which is probably the only kind of Community fan, season 4 has a deeply embedded suggestive meaning. Cold-blooded, angry voicemails, fired showrunners, what are we talking about?

You probably know that’s a lot….. The cult series Community, produced by Sony Television/NBC, is based on the experiences of showrunner Dan Harmon, who himself attended Los Angeles Community College. The pilot episode is an homage to The Breakfast Club, packed with pop culture references and brimming with fun, sly dialogue. Community is now often cited as one of the best shows of the decade, but it wasn’t always the favorite it is today.

The film was originally released on the 17th. It premiered in September 2009 and features a relatively new cast, with the exception of comedy legend Chevy Chase and, to a lesser extent, Soup’s Joel McHale and The Daily Show’s John Oliver. In addition to Alison Brie and Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, the pilot was completed by Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown and Jim Rash. Hangover star Ken Jeong will join the cast in the second episode.

Apparently, the show had a legendarily grueling production schedule. Last minute shoots, 18 hour days, Friday to Saturday shoots, all off the beaten path in Hollywood. These may be the symptoms of a newcomer, but it was Harmon’s vision and desire to create a series like no other that drove the writers, cast and crew to create something just as legendary. With episodes like Modern Warfare and Modern American Bird from season 1, viewers got a taste of the brilliance that followed in seasons 2 and 3. Episodes like Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design, Collaborative Calligraphy, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Restorative Chaos Theory, and The Basics of Lupine Urology regularly top the list of favorites of many fans in the community.

Based on bending rules and exploring genres, these episodes are funny, creative and sometimes straightforward. The characters, and often the school itself, are taken from an alternate reality in several episodes. Characters and environments are transformed to pay homage to movies like Lord of the Rings and TV shows like Law & Order. It was like no other live show ever aired on television before.


Despite all its creative genius, taking the station off the air was a constant risk throughout Community Network Television’s existence. In its first season, Community (BBG: 3) struggled to match the ratings of NBC rivals The Office (BBG: 5) and 30 Rock (BBG: 4) or CBS giant The Big Bang Theory (BBG: 6-7). The pressure from Sony and NBC on the ratings was intense and at the end of each season questions arose as to whether the series should be renewed, but the goal of syndication and a strong online fan base kept the series alive.

After three seasons of increasingly inventive episodes that never caught on with the masses, Dan Harmon was fired as showrunner in May 2012. Despite the unclear circumstances, there are many reasons for the infamous dismissal (Dan’s ego, arguments with Chevy Chase, etc.). Fans literally cried when they heard the news, and it turns out there was a good reason for the reaction.

Fans who have been following along since the beginning of Community’s existence cherish affection for their favorite showrunner. Like no TV maker before him, Harmon made himself accessible to fans through the microblogging site Twitter, which was in its infancy in 2009. Harmon’s intimacy and charisma attracted fans. He was crude and honest, and the fans loved it. The news of his dismissal therefore came as a shock, and a passionate multitude of fans feared for the fate of their beloved series.

Despite Dan’s dismissal, many Community fans were relieved when NBC announced in October 2012 that the series would return for a fourth season. New showrunners came in to lead the creative process, but many fans worried about what would happen to the show and whether he would retain his genius or the unique sense of humor they were used to.

Unfortunately, many fans, critics and reviewers, did not like the product presented to them when season 4 started. As reviews for the new season of Community were even worse, some feared it would be the death knell for the popular series. The emphasis is usually on the two main themes of the season: Changnesia and not Dan Harmon.


Let’s start with Changnesia. The plot revolves around Ken Jeong’s character, Ben Chang, who suffers from a form of amnesia called Changnesia. While Chung ran around like a man possessed in the previous three seasons, his new character, Kevin, is passive and polite. Without spoilers, it’s safe to say that Changnesia isn’t the strongest subgenre in Community, but Ken Jeong makes no bones about it with his highly comedic style. He had to reinvent himself as a new character throughout the series and deserves to be overlooked. For an example of how Changnesia works, see Introduction to Nodes. The study group fully surrenders to the idea that Chang is indeed suffering from amnesia. And maybe that’s what it takes to control it. A little surrender and a little Changnesia.

As for Dan Harmon, fair or not, what the show has been missing is his voice, his approachable showrunner side, his heart and soul. Unlike previous seasons, there was no Harmon harmonization, i.e., carefully combing and refining the texts to bring them up to standard. And honestly, there are episodes that just don’t hold up. There are episodes that border on cosplay. And yet there are episodes like Jim Rash’s The Foundations of Human Anatomy or The History of Dance, written by newcomer Gene Hong, where the heart is reminiscent of Community’s more thoughtful moments. The fourth season lasted thirteen episodes, and some episodes, more than others, were cast in a more favorable light, but what followed was unexpected and rather unusual.

After a year of making a series he loved, NBC and Sony relented and asked Dan to return as showrunner, thanks in part to the enthusiasm of fans online and the cast, led by Joel McHale, who demanded his return. This has never been done before in Hollywood. It’s not, but the fans couldn’t be happier. So they got two more seasons of Community, one on NBC and the other on Yahoo Screen. And the hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie, a meta joke Abed (Danny Pudi) made on another Cape TV show in season 2, is a rallying cry from fans around the world who were hoping for more community.

Although Community was cancelled in 2015, the series has been available for streaming on Hulu since 2016. However, it was another streaming service that brought many new fans and new life to the series. On 1. In April 2020, Community debuted on Netflix, landing in the top 10 weekly shows in its first few weeks and sparking a rush of new fans for the series that so many people already loved.

What’s missing from the emotional basket of these new fans is the drama of Dan’s firing and the connection they had online with the man himself. And what makes it so fascinating is that in interacting with new fans, there is a general lack of disdain for season 4 that is perhaps more noticeable with old Community fans.

The show has a recurring joke where a character is in a moment that in other shows would have ended with a scream, but in Community someone says the words Let it end to give the person a chance to explain themselves, although sometimes it’s done ironically, it is Community after all. That’s the point of the article.

Dan Harmon

The reason season 4 is worth rewatching and enjoying is as emotional as it is mathematical. The community has saved all the actors we love. Don’t forget that in season 5 and 6, key members of the team left. Nine of the thirteen episodes in Season 4 were written by writers or actors, in the case of Jim Rusch, the fantastic creator of Fundamentals of Human Anatomy, who collaborated on the series in previous seasons. Nine of the 13 episodes were created by people who worked on the series in season 2 or 3. You know what I mean? The show was still intact. The show still feels like Community, perhaps even more so than season 6, which changed locations, length of episodes, and overall tone.

If Dan Harmon isn’t replaced, perhaps what’s holding some people back in Season 4 is the need to move away from the idea that Community is completely dependent on him, that its success and failure depends solely on his involvement or absence. If we don’t, we ignore all the brilliant authors like Megan Ganz, Chris McKenna, Andrew Guest, Emily Cutler, Andy Bobrow, Liz Chakowski, Hilary Winston, and countless others who have helped create the world we love so much.

I understand the debate. I understand the emotions. But I urge you to reconsider season 4 of Community. For Halloween fans, try Paranormal Parentage, and for Christmas fans, try Intro to Knots. It’s not the best season in the community, but it deserves more respect for those who take the time and effort to make the best of a difficult situation. If you still can’t muster the strength to reboot season 4, know that seasons 5 and 6 owe their existence to season 4.  He brought us season 5 and 6 and hopefully the movie, and for that we should thank him.

frequently asked questions

Should you skip season 4 of Community?

No. Compared to other seasons, it certainly wasn’t as good. But community is always better than the rest, at worst. Even the bad ones have good moments, and the bad ones are always good.

Why are there 13 reasons why season 4 is so bad?

Season 4 is a disaster that betrays the characters of 13 Reasons Why, the only remaining force. The series has squandered all the goodwill of the once charming cast. … Few expeditions have survived such horrific explosions.

Can you watch season 4 of The Crowning Head without watching the other seasons?

You don’t need to have seen the first 3 seasons to understand the plot of season 4. Of course, the fourth season of The Crown makes more sense if you’ve seen the first three seasons. But if you haven’t seen them, that won’t stop you from enjoying the final episodes.

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