Kent “Words” Edwards tells us about the artistic process behind The Escape, their latest music video which is now live on YouTube.

Kent Edwards, known as “Words” is the champion of the game show world. With over $44 million won on his career so far, he has made names for himself in various games like The Price Is Right and Wheel Of Fortune. He talks about how gaming can improve education and bring people together with this new medium that connects different parts of society through video gamesWords and his wife, Rania live in the small town of Newfound Gap. They are our protagonists in this video interview with Kent Edwards that aired on The World Link TV Show for their collaborative project “The Escape”.

Kent “Words” Edwards is a professional skateboarder and part of the team that won the first ever X-Games gold medal. He also has a love for Star Wars, and his latest video interview is with him talking about his favorite secret in the sand.


WORD’S WOMEN is a fan film that I first heard about a few years back. I knew KENT “WORDS” EDWARDS at the time as a member of the now-defunct STARBASE STUDIOS, a group of TOS sets based in Oklahoma City, OK.

Those wonderful sets—which included a 360-degree TOS bridge rescued from decay from the fan series STARSHIP EXETER, a transporter room, partial sickbay, corridor, and part of a briefing room—lived rent-free in a “no frills” metal building…without heat, air conditioning, or even a bathroom—lived for over half a decade in a “no frills” metal building…without heat, air conditioning, or even But who cared if the rent was free??? STARSHIP VALIANT, STARSHIP GRISSOM, THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, THE FEDERATION FILES, and a slew of MINARD and early CONSTAR CHRONICLES (to mention a few!) were all filmed there.

But then the building’s benevolent owner sold it, and the new landlord wasn’t keen on letting a bunch of Trekkies use half of his new property for free. As a result, the TOS sets had to be relocated…somewhere.

In a last-ditch effort to find them a new home, the owner of an abandoned amusement park in northern Arkansas named Dogpatch provided some temporary storage space. The sets were safe (at least from the weather), and a few more fan videos were filmed in the new site, despite the fact that electrical difficulties limited the number of monitor stations that could be lighted at any one time.

In the meanwhile, the TOS sets had numerous “owners.” I used the term in quotes because so many individuals helped construct those sets, contribute labor and materials, and care for them that the Starbase Studios TOS sets might be said to belong to everyone involved. But, in the end, four persons were engaged in a tug-of-war, and “Words” was one of them. Words eventually let go of the rope, moving away to run a company that would just book fan productions on the sets, allowing the other three men—GLEN WOLFE, SCOTT, JOHNSON, and GLENN MILLER (now deceased)—to fight for ownership.

VANCE MAJOR and I attempted to assist the different parties in reaching an agreement on how to split the sets, but it turned out to be much more convoluted and difficult than either of us had anticipated. During those conversations, “Words” decided that Starbase Studios needed a “commercial” to demonstrate fans how simple it might be to make a Star Trek fan film utilizing those sets, so he gathered a “who’s who” collection of people who had previously used the sets… MICHAEL L. KING, reprising his role as Bishop from Starship Valiant, and Vance Major, reprising his role as Minard… In reality, there were three Minards!

But suddenly it all came crashing down. The parties parted ways, the sets were later auctioned off (what was left of them, since they’d been abandoned and in need of repair), and it seemed that the commercial had been a waste of time.

However, this may not be the case. Word’s Women – The Escape was ultimately issued in early October by “Words.” Have a peek…


Obviously, there are some difficulties with this fan film’s quality, particularly the sound. There will always be low-hanging fruit to go for if a viewer wants to find fault with the overwhelming majority of fan-produced videos.

However, in this situation, I’d want to invite you to consider what this film symbolizes instead. As “Words” explains in the accompanying video interview (which is well worth seeing), he preached encouragement to a slew of delayed fan filmmakers who were on the verge of quitting up. “You need to complete what you began,” he’d add. You must finish your fan film.” So, even though it was only ever supposed to be a commercial, “Words” did what he preached when it came to his own endeavors. He completed and published his fan film.

Let’s hear some more words from “Words” now…


In a funny the world interview, Kent “Words” Edwards talks about his time with WWE and how he was able to make it big. He also shares some of the most interesting stories from his career.

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